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Yeh so i bought a gtx 570 a couple of months ago to pair with my liquid cooled q9300 with no oc (cant get a stable oc dont know squat about ocing) and a xfx 790i ultra mobo . I believe my computer is bottle necking my gpu . So now im in the market to buy a new motherboard and cpu . Im also going to take advantage of evga's step up program to a gtx 670 . Now the question i have is , should i buy the 2600k or the 3770k . Also any advice on on mobos is greatly appreciated . I should also note the heat in my room is a real issue and its definitely my computer , i have a thermometer in my room and it stays 15 to 20 degrees hotter than the rest of my house which is unacceptable . With summer almost here i need to make a decision quick or ill get cooked alive . Look forward hearing from you guys !
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  1. 20 deg. hotter in your room. How do you stand it?

    As for the cpu, it's really easy. If the price difference is no big deal, get the latest and greatest.
  2. I swear its not an exaggeration , i think my room tends be warmer just on its own but not by very much . ive gone with out my computer on for a couple days and its comfortable . I tend to leave my computer on alot because im on it alot . As far as the latest and greatest , thats my question . Is the 2600k better than tthe 3770k ? In terms of heat , oc ability , and performance ? Is the performance boost marginal compared to the heat , temperatures and oc ability ? One response , I genuinely appreciate it abekl , but come on guys . I know these questions are a dime a million but i thought you all would eat this one alive !
  3. REALLY .... I mean Come on !!!
  4. You could get air conditioning.
  5. So far in my experience, the lower the nm rating...meaning the transistors are densely packed, the more efficient the chip is. By efficiency I mean many times it runs much cooler.

    I would probably get Ivy-Bridge in your case, its the latest/greatest.

    You can also get programs I believe that will underclock hardware when you are not using the computer or even when you are using it for normal tasks...then it clocks back to set profiles you make when you game. That can probably lower temperatures by a very considerable amount if your cpu and gpu are cranking out serious heat.
  6. so what about between the 2600k and the 3570k ? Money is becoming an issue !
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    also how important is the 2mb difference of L3 cache to gaming ?
  8. What is the point of this site . I honestly thought it was to learn or to get advice . Anybody know of any forums where you can actually get help ?
  9. Actually the 2600K represents a much better value. Performance is quite good at stock speeds and really there is little differance in performance between the two for gaming on a single video card. The Ivy bridge really doesn't begin to shine until you have 3 or more video cards in SLI or X-fire. Then the extra lanes of PCI do it justice as well as the SoC controllers.
  10. Thanks for the response Omi3D . So the 2 mb L3 cache wont make a difference even if i plan on getting a second 670 in the no so distant future ? the 3570k is the latest tech and its cheaper than the 2600k , sooo hmmm which one to get ?
  11. JAYSWAN said:
    the 3570k is the latest tech and its cheaper than the 2600k , sooo hmmm which one to get ?

    You are comparing i7-2600k with i5-3570k, not quite the same thing. You should be looking at i7-2600k vs i7-3770k.

    Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge chips have roughly the same Intel list prices ladders from low-end to high-end on each product line.
  12. That is a good remark!

    Both of those (i7-2600k vs i7-3770k) do an excellant job of performance, even when saturated at peak levels. I do believe the i7-3770k would run cooler at that threshold compared to the i7-2600k, but both are very close. If you were to add a closed-loop CPU cooler to the mix then either will perform very well across a wide spectrum of usage. As to the 2mb of L3 cache, you would probably not notice any remarkable differance except when loading a program and even then we're only talking about a second or two.

    If future expansion is key factor, then go with the i7-3770k and moBo. Ivy bridge will be versitile platform of choice to you as the newer memory and video cards come into the mainstream. Of course all of this requires you optimize any system with the proper RAM and HDD's or SDD's or both (iRST).
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