How do i upgrade my video card for sims 3

Hello, I have just purchased the sims 3 . I am running on windows XP 32 bit , it says my video card doesnt appear to support at least model 2 . please upgrade your card... i have went onto find the name of my device RAGE 128 PRO Ultra and tryed to download a few drivers that were recomended , but non have worked :( help pleasee!
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  1. Rage 128 is old and is not supported by the game. I suggest building or buying a new modern machine.
  2. give us your computer case tower name and model of your PC

    you need to physically open the PC and add in a graphics card

    we need your


    and name of pc and tower
  3. Indeed, even a better GPU is not going to make your computer fast enough to play the game, and upgrading something that old is just throwing money away. It may be time to get a newer computer. Even a 3 year old used computer would be a large step up. Just make sure it is at lease a core 2 duo processor. And be careful if buying used as there are many crappy used computer sales people out there.
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