Which set up to go with?

Looking at a build with:

8gb ddr3 ram
i5 2500k
2x 6970's
3x 23.6" monitors

with all the other stuff, build comes out to $2911.55 before shipping.

I can go with the same set up, except run 1 7970 3gb card and a 1080 120hz 32" tv and it comes out to be $2656.6

Which basically saves $255...

Is it worth saving $255 and have 1 big monitor or spending the extra cash and having 2 slightly weaker cards and running 3 monitors..

I can do either one, but asking which you guys would pick?
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  1. anyone?
  2. I honestly would go with the 7970 and save the money. You can always upgrade to a triple-monitor eyefinity setup.
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