Phenom II x2 550 safe Temperature Range?

My sister's PC runs in a hot environment. I would like to know what the safe operating temperatures are for the AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black processor so I can set the PWM fan settings. Her ECS MCP61M-M3 motherboard does not come with a hardware monitoring utility, only the PC Health Status area in the AMI BIOS. I installed an ULTRA X-Wind copper 120mm all in one CPU cooler after a smaller unit proved inadequate. The PWM fan on that unit is running at just over 1100 rpm per SpeedFan utility, but should be running at 2000 or better. She had a shutdown alarm and then a shut down a couple weeks ago. I need the safe temperature data to set the manual smart fan settings in BIOS since the auto function seems to allow overheating. My options seem to be to set the min and max temps under the manual setting or to disable the smart fan mode. If I disable smart fan mode will the fan run at top speed? On my AMD Athlon system the CPU fan (Zalman) runs at 2200rpm. Why would the ULTRA fan run at about half speed? BTW the readings from SpeedFan are confusing. We will try HW Monitor to see if it is easier to decipher.
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  1. Under load max is 62°C, I would get worried going much past 55°C under normal load.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Under load max is 62°C, I would get worried going much past 55°C under normal load.

    Thanks. What about these settings for PWM:

    under normal smartfan setting in BIOS, below the high limit temp are two more settings for PWM: High Limit 200
    Low Limit 15

    are these percentage settings?
  3. That I do not know, always used defaults.
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