Unlocked x4 B55 processor running 800MHz @ Vcore: 1.12v

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I have an AMD Athlon x3 455 processor got unlocked to AMD Phenom x4 B55 processor. When I ran prime95, no errors and BSOD however i just noticed that it's running @ 800MHz (full load) with a multiplier of JUST "4" an checked PC PROBE II: Vcore says 1.12v. Question is, is this normal? running @ 800MHz with a vcore of 1.12. From what I know, if it's in full load, should it be 3300MHz on all cores? Please help! Thanks in advance and appreciate all your responses.
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  1. AMD Phenom II x4 B55 - 3.3Ghz

    it goes something like this:

    freq #0: 800MHz (200 x 4) - full load
    freq #1: 800MHz (200 x 4) - full load
    freq #2: 800MHz (200 x 4) - full load
    freq #3: 800MHz (200 x 4) - full load

    this is when running prime95..Vcore says: 1.12v

    is this correct? 800MHz, it should go 3300MHz at full load right? i'm under the impression that the Vcore is very low. Please help. Thanks!
  2. Man, we've been over this, lol. No, it's not normal, as we've talked about. It's the faulty 4th Core that's causing it and there's almost definitely nothing you can do to fix it. Just keep it as an X3, since we KNOW it works right that way.
  3. mobo doesnt support the Phenom X4

    *edit* thats what normally happens when the mobo doesnt support. An unstable core wouldnt cause it all to throttle to 800 it would just cause stability issues or refuse to boot if extreme, check your mobo support list see if it handles X4 phenoms of that core type
  4. You already started a thread and got an anwer there is no need to start a new thread. The CPU is not stable as a quad core you need to keep it as a three core or get a new CPU.
  5. wr6133 said:
    mobo doesnt support the Phenom X4

    It does, actually. Asus M5A88V EVO http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3Plus/M5A88V_EVO/#CPUS
  6. He should check his bios version then the X4 multi is what happens when the CPU isn't supported (usually 125W CPU's on a 95W max board)

    Never seen or heard of that issue being down to dodgy cores that should either refuse to boot or just become unstable when booted not throttle the 3 good ones.
  7. wr6133 said:
    He should check his bios version then the X4 multi is what happens when the CPU isn't supported (usually 125W CPU's on a 95W max board)

    Never seen or heard of that issue being down to dodgy cores that should either refuse to boot or just become unstable when booted not throttle the 3 good ones.

    THAT is actually a very good point that totally slipped my mind, for some reason (bad tech support person. BAD! LOL). Anyway, yes kamotekid, try updating your BIOS.
  8. Guys,

    Thanks for all the responses. @djdecibeL, sorry I can't get over it. I tried reading all posts online for the past 2 weeks and haven't heard any issues with the core speed when unlocked. I'm planning to revert it back to 4 cores and see if the Vcore changes. coz what happened was, when I relock the core, Vcore automatically change its voltage. will it do harm to my system? changing back and forth - i mean unlocking and relocking cores in the BIOS? BIOS update? that sounds good but I just bought it a couple of weeks ago so i presume that what i have on the cd is not way too far from the updated BIOS. Thanks Guys!
  9. would it make a difference it in the initial setup..we went directly to unlock the 4th core with starting with the tricore?
  10. M5A88-V EVO BIOS 0707
    Fix the issue that the size may be incorrect when build RAID with 3TB HDD.
    1. Backup all the data in the RAID partition before updating the BIOS.

    -does it mean that I have to back all files that I have in the C drive before doing it? sorry not familiar with RAID processes
  11. No, going back and forth from locked core to unlocked core shouldn't damage anything.

    The thing with the BIOS is that it may not have shipped with the newest BIOS, no matter how recently you bought it. There wouldn't be an updated one on the CD anyway. That's something you have to download from the support site.

    What you saw with the the 3 cores working is the way it should be with 4 cores too, if everything is working correctly. Go here http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3Plus/M5A88V_EVO/#download and download BIOS version 1202.

    And you don't have a RAID setup, I'm guessing, so that shouldn't apply to you.
  12. One thing I should mention is that you may have to download and use the BIOS update utility too, unless that motherboard allows BIOS updates through the BIOS itself (like my P8Z68-V LE can do). If it does, you can just put the BIOS on a USB drive and go into the BIOS to do it from there.
  13. thank you so much for the support and help guys! no wonder this site was recommended a friend of mine because you guys are great! anyway, i've downloaded the BIOS already using "GLOBAL" since "global DLM" is not possible here because of restrictions :fou:

    -i'll try to do the unlocking again and see it works the same with the 3cores as far as core speed is concern (hope it won't damage my mobo and cpu and i can still revert it back to 3cores in the event that i unlock it with the 4th core

    -i agree with you, from what i can recall with the BIOS version, it's not up to date, i received the CD with the drivers and utilities. i'll double check the version of the BIOS if there's need for it to be updated but am 99.99% sure that it's around ver 0707. i also installed the BIOS update interface wherein i can navigate the page of what type of update i want to do but i guess since i don't have internet at home, i'll save it to my flash drive then run it at home. regarding RAID, I also installed it, which came with the CD and when I installed the OS (win7 64bit), it's just a clean install, no special partition, just C drive so basing it to your post, it's just click and run with backing up my files in my C drive. just wondering if it affects my files since i installed the RAID options in the "utilities" option in the CD
  14. You only have one HDD with one partition, right? If you do, RAID wouldn't even be an issue, enabled/installed or not. RAID is for multiple drives. You're most likely actually using AHCI mode.

    In other words, don't worry about backing anything up. If the update goes wrong, data loss won't be why.
  15. yup you're dead right..i only got 1 HDD, 1 partition in AHCI mode so thanks for confirming that my drive won't be affected if I'm going to flash the BIOS. At least, no worries about backing up the files first.

    about the BIOS update utility, i don't have internet at home so what I'm wanting to do is save it to my flash drive. I'm just not sure if in the BIOS update utility (usually this can be accessed thru windows right? just to make sure we're on the same page) there's a way i can upload the files from the USB so i can flash the BIOS.

    is is possible to just access the file from the USB drive and run it? or is it imperative for me to use BIOS update utility?
  16. If you have to use the update utility, it'll be through DOS after making the USB drive bootable. But I just checked, and that board DOES have EZ-Flash (what I was talking about earlier), so all you need to do is put the BIOS .ROM file on the USB drive and then boot into the BIOS to do it from there. I don't know if that board has a UEFI BIOS (Graphical, instead of just text) or not, but in my BIOS, which IS UEFI, it under the "Tool" section in Advanced Mode.
  17. wow! nose bleed..i will read it one more time. LOL!

    yup..i have EZ-Flash but no idea how to use it. what's the easiest way to do it? my only option is just thru USB drive since i don't have net at home :(
  18. A USB drive is how you HAVE to do it, so you're good there. :) I've never used EZ-Flash on my own Asus board, so I really don't know exactly how it works, but, from what I gather, you just go into EZ-Flash in the BIOS and select the BIOS .ROM file (will be named M5A88-V-EVO-ASUS-1202.ROM) on the USB drive (and then hit enter or whatever it says to update it).
  19. thanks! that's way better and easier than the previous post. LOL! sorry i can't comprehend the instructions from the previous post, so techie with the terminologies. LOL!

    from what i can recall, i believe i saw EZ flash in one of the tabs there before "EXIT" BIOS.ROM file - is this regardless if you've downloaded it via "GLOBAL (DLM" or "GLOBAL"?
  20. I really don't know how or where it's listed, but yes, it doesn't matter which link you got the file from. Just extract the Zip file and put the M5A88-V-EVO-ASUS-1202.ROM file by itself on the USB drive.
  21. OK, just checked and EZ-Flash 2 is in the "Tools" menu in the BIOS. You'll need to select "Load Setup Defaults" under the Exit menu after you update.
  22. thanks sir. i was able to unzipped the file and indeed that's the same name of the file listed above..i have an idea now how to do it. should i empty the USB drive and just have the .ROM file as the only file there?
  23. It doesn't have to be the only file on there, I guess, no. Just make sure it's in the root directory and not in a folder. You might be able to get to a folder it's in, but it'll be easier if it's not in a folder, just there in the root directory (ie. *:\M5A88-V-EVO-ASUS-1202.ROM. The * is the drive letter of course. May be anything A-Z, but it will probably be C).
  24. will it be easier if i'll just remove all the files i have on there to avoid confusion since i only got 2 word files here and just leave that drive store that file (.ROM file)?
  25. It shouldn't matter really. The ROM file has a strange enough name that I highly doubt you'll be confused about which one to select, lol (it may even find it automatically, when you select the USB drive).
  26. however, this isn't a guaranteed fix right? huhuhu :(
  27. No, it's not guaranteed to fix it, but it's last option on the list (one I should have thought of FIRST, actually, LOL).
  28. i tried doing it..it was successful however, when i activated the hidden core, when i went to the desktop, voltage is still the same, Vcore: 1.12 then i notice that the core temp in "core temp" says 80C..wow! and it's getting hotter and hotter with any apps opened so i shut it down after 2-3 minutes..i was a bit scared because it might damage not only the CPU but also the whole system setup (all other components). what i just notice is that in the BIOS page: it says "core activation" and it says auto, when i tried doing it manually, i have 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th core listed :sarcastic: so i tried disabling the 4th core, went to the desktop and checked Vcore again, when it's idle, Vcore: 1.12 and when i opened apps, it changes periodically, i'm under the impression that it changes periodically depending on the usage of the system, it's like automatically changes. ran prime95 for 2 1/2 hours, stopped it, "0 errors / 0 warnings" but i can hear/pop up regarding voltage drop..is that normal? thanks!
  29. one more thing: core temp says (with 3 core running full load)

    core #0: 55 - 58C
    core #1: 55 - 58C
    core #2: 55 - 58C

    i was afraid to activate the 4th core again because of the sudden change in temperature. what puzzles me is the one that says, core activation that has 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th core options however when i only got 3 core running, it says 2nd and 3rd core only..i'm confused...
  30. When the core's are unlocked the temp readings don't work for each core only the CPU temp reading works. If thats hitting 80 then that is bad though (Very bad), likely the reason that 4th core was locked out.

    The voltage changing is likely you have the board doing that automatically to save power when not needed. You can mess with the volts manually to try and stablise the 4th core though I doubt it'll work it sounds like yours was chip binned down to an X3 for a reason.
  31. 4th got locked out? probably because of the enabling it back and forth? is that possible? yeah..core #0-3 says 80C and still counting so i decided to shut it down and restarted my system. but can someone explain why i have up to 6th core in my core activation option in the BIOS? if using tricore, i got 2nd and 3rd only which i presume right but having to enable 4th core with 5th and 6th listed there? is that normal? core temp reached 80C when i updated the BIOS but core speed has changed to 3318.98MHz..
  32. By locked out I meant thats the reason AMD locked it and sold as a 3 core.

    When the core is unlocked the individual core temp sensors do NOT work so you need to read the CPU temperature NOT the core temperatures. As an example depending on what software I use my 6 cores either show as 0 or 144 degrees each core. The CPU temp however is the correct reading at 31 (idle).

    Don't know why your board shows 6 cores haven't used that board before its irrelevent though as your CPU only has 4.
  33. does this mean that i have a busted 4th core?
  34. Well, the BIOS update worked, it looks like because you're at full speed with all 4 cores, but temp is you're problem now. Unlocking the 4th core, when it works correctly, like it is now, creates more heat. BUT wr6133 is right that Core temps probably won't be correct with the unlocked core active. You'll have to look at "Package" temp in HWMonitor.

    If Package temp gets much above 65C, just re-lock the 4th core and leave it be. You're going through A LOT of trouble for not much gain. Having the extra core is seriously not worth all the trouble that you've been having.

    The reason the BIOS has a place for 5th and 6th cores is that the BIOS was probably updated at some point between the old version you had and the one you just updated to to be able to use X6 CPU's. Nothing that matters to you for your purposes here. Don't worry about it.
  35. Read my post above, but yes, the 4th core is probably "busted" if you must use that terminology. I've tried to tell you many times now, that there's a reason it was locked in the first place.

    The CPU will, and does apparently, work perfectly as an X3, so just leave it that way.
  36. appreciate all your help djdecibeL! many thanks!

    by the way, yes indeed the temps have gotten higher (almost triple the idle temp: 80-90C during idle..can't believe it) but the core speed hasn't changed..still 800MHz max when i opened core temp and cpuid..voltage also doesn't change periodically like what's happening when i'm using tricore, it drops to 1.12v when idle and when i played NBA and load some apps, it goes to 1.46. prime95 hasn't reported any errors or warnings for the time being (almost 3 hours) with 3 cores running..hopefully it stays as it is but i'm wary about the temp that i got before, you think that it could've burned my cpu already?

    what the downside of overclocking the system?
  37. Nah, it wouldn't have caused any permanent damage. It would have just shut itself off before that happened.

    The downside to OC'ing is shortening the life of the CPU by a small margin, but that's the risk you take. It may mean that the CPU will only last 9 years instead of 10, so not a big deal, lol. Don't worry about that part. Just read up to see how to OC that CPU (or Athlon II's/Phenom II's in general) safely and you'll be good.

    You might not even NEED to OC though. If you're getting good performance at stock, there's no reason to OC.
  38. do you want me to give it a try one more time? LOL! i'm afraid of the damage it will do :fou: i think i'm all good with what i have right now, it's just that i can't get over it (unlocking the 4th core..LOL) but i got a different BIOS page now with an additional core speed of 10Hz...LOL


    core #0: 25-26
    core #1: 25-26
    core #2: 25-26

    with prime95 running: all cores running at around 53-58C

    do i have to extend the test? or for a 2hour test, you can say that system is already stable?
  39. It's perfectly stable at stock. There's no reason to test any further for stability on 3 cores, unless you start OC'ing.

    My final answer on it is just leave it at 3 cores. The extra core won't give you that much more performance, even if it DOES ever work like it's supposed to. I'm almost positive that you would NEVER notice the difference.
  40. oh i see :D i thought there will be a big discrepancy as far as speed is concern with x3 vs x4. sorry this is the first time i'm going to use x3 and x4 so pretty much no idea at all regarding their specific speed / discrepancies.
  41. by the way, i played NBA 2k11 and notice how smooth the movement of the players and the game itself unlike running x4 b55 process with core speed of 800MHZ...LOL
  42. kamotekid said:
    by the way, i played NBA 2k11 and notice how smooth the movement of the players and the game itself unlike running x4 b55 process with core speed of 800MHZ...LOL

    Yep, and that's why I'm saying you would never notice the difference, even if unlocking the 4th core worked correctly.
  43. really? not much of a difference? having tried using quad core in my entire life..LOL with X3 and X4 (presuming that 4th core worked perfectly @ 3300MHz) not much of a difference then but before: X3 vs X4 (with core speed that won't go pass 800MHz) i can notice the big difference when it comes to lag and smoothness of the game, together with the loading process
  44. but what above the voltage, i'm getting a pop up while running prime95 in PC Probe II. does that mean that there's a fluctuation in the current using from the PSU?
  45. There won't be much of a difference in games or everyday usage. You'll only ever see a difference with more cores in highly threaded applications (video editing and the like). 3 is plenty for games and everyday usage. Regardless of that fact, that CPU, even unlocked to a full 4 cores, isn't a world beater, just average, at best.

    If you wanted a quad core, why didn't you just get one? LOL
  46. kamotekid said:
    but what above the voltage, i'm getting a pop up while running prime95 in PC Probe II. does that mean that there's a fluctuation in the current using from the PSU?

    The PSU might be a little weak, yes. What is it saying? You're being to vague saying "pop ups", lol.
  47. hahaha! we were excited to test the mobo, so for cost cutting purposes, i chose to purchase the tricore and hoping that we can unlock it to have 4 cores running. we did it but all cores running @ max of 800MHz full load..LOL! you're right, i'll stick to tricore and won't run prime95 again since you mentioned before that having a 1 hour test is ample time to check the system's stability.

    any recommendations for cooling system? you think 53-58C @ full load is high?
  48. sorry for being vague :ange: i checked the PC probe config and found that under Vcore...its threshold / nominal value is 1.6v - 0.80v (this is by default) so pop up from pc probe II is like a warning that it's voltage is not w/in range..something like that
  49. Nope, 53-58C is just fine. Even so, it'll never get that high with anything other than Prime anyway.

    Is it going OVER 1.6V? If it's not, that's nothing to worry about. It shouldn't be going over 1.6V with everything at stock anyway.
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