Ssd or Cpu upgrade?

Hi all,

I need some help making a decision on upgrading my system. My chocies are a 90 gb ssd sata 3 or a 980 Phenom 2. I have an Athlon II x3 450 and it works fine for me right now with what I do, and an fx 990 motherboard (I got it because my old one was so old). I'm not a big gamer, and play mostly old games. I never had a ssd and it sounds exciting, but there's a good deal on that processor right now. Any help to make up my mind? Is that processor a significant upgrade? Thanks.
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  1. I'd go with the ssd and overclock your 450 if your board permits. Be sure to match the sata rating to your board; both sata II or sata III ssd's are faster than most conventional hardrives. I've used ocz, kingston and patriot brands.
  2. Triple core at 3.2?

    No question. SSD all the way.
  3. I recently started my own build and it's main delima was the same 2600k+elite mobo or 2500k with ssd.

    Needless to say I agree with o1die on this one get the ssd put your main programs and OS on it and enjoy the speed.
  4. The HDD is the biggest bottleneck to most systems. Sounds like you would see little difference in increasing cpu speed/cores based on what you are doing.

    The SSD will make a big difference in loading your OS (cut down boot time) and improved load times for programs. It will NOT speed up in-program performance (ie improve fps in games). It wil NOT speedup downloads and brossing the web.

    That Said, I love my SSDs have them in two desktops and twolaptops.
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