Is a PSU that comes with a case good enough for an APU only?

Building a computer for my grandma and was wondering if I could buy a case with a PSU already in it and if it will be fine for an APU only, no graphics card.

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  1. The answer is yes and no.
    A good PSU is a good PSU no matter what case it's in.

    Are you looking at a specific case?
  2. Should probably be good enough.

    It is a horrible case and most likely a horrible PSU, but a Llano CPU isn't super taxing either.
  3. Including shipping that's about $50.
    What do you know about that power supply?
  4. I kinda like the looks of this one better.

    Are there any concerns about size, etc, where the new computer is going to be run? Concerns about style or looks?
    What, if any, computer is being replaced? Might not do to get one less powerful, even for Granny.
  5. Don't know nothing about the power supply. Think I'm going to go with the first one.
  6. Have you looked into the pre-built systems?

    @ $425 lenovo IdeaCentre H415 Desktop A6-Series APU A6-3600(2.1Hz) 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Capacity AMD Radeon HD 6530D Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
  7. Thanks. Think I'll go with that prebuilt.
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