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It has been awhile since I build a desktop. I wanted to get some opinions on it because I'm not sure if I overkilled some parts and underkilled others.

This will mostly be used for gaming and office work. I'm planning to use a 42" Sony Bravia for my moniter. Eventually I plan to get a second identical video card and crossfire them into 3 HDTVs, is this doable?

Also what should be the first upgrade once this is done?

Cpu: AMD Penom x6 1055T
Mobo: ASUS M5A97
*RAM: 16g (4x4g) DDR3 1600Mhz
*Video Card: XFX HD-687X-CNFC Radeon HD 6870 2GB
*PSU:Raidmax hybrid 2, 730W
HDD: WD 160g Sata

*'d item are not purchased yet, and are being ordered tomorrow.

Thanks for any help, this is about the only place on the net who's opinions I trust.
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  1. yes you can crossfire to 3 HDTV's you will need an active display port adapter however.

    changing the CPU to a 2500k or 2600k will give benchmarking performance gains but not make much real world diff.

    the videocard / cards could be upgraded if u can stretch to a 6950 and add a 2nd one later that would be reccomended.
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