Upcoming system build . . . budget ~5k

Hello all,

New to posting on the forum but have been lurking around for a bit.

Let me first start by saying I love the collaborative nature of this forum. I will be building my next system purely from advice I learn here, so be kind please. :)

That aside I am starting to do research on components for a new "high end" gaming rig I am planning on building with a budget of around 5k (give or take a little).

I do not need Monitors (I have 2 Dell 27" UltraSharp monitors and damn are they gorgeous). Nor do I need any peripherals. Thus my 5k budget is really just what I do not want to go over.

At any rate, after reading several threads here I think I am going to wait to pull the trigger on the majority of the guts of this new rig until sometime in April once most manufacturers have released details on their upcoming goodies.

However, I am still interested in locking down a case (and maybe PSU?).

My overall desire is to build a machine that will have a somewhat lengthy lifespan due to a decent upgrade path. I'd also like to get several builds in the future out of whichever case I end up with which leads me to my first question in this ongoing thread. . .

I am so very tempted to splurge and buy what I think is the sexiest case I have seen hands down . . . the Thermaltake Level 10. However, before I decide to shell out roughly 600 - 700 + for a case, does anyone have one or any actual hands on time with one? If so how are they?

Thanks in advance for any and all help everyone provides. I am really looking forward to getting this machine up and running. . . sometime around the middle of this year. =P

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  1. In your new build i suggest buying a full version of windows 7 http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/35396-63-windows As that explains they changed the rules on the oem version of windows meaning if you replace your motherboard and cpu you would have to buy a new oem which costs you about 200 bucks for that price you'd be better off buying the full version as then you can easilly use your windows 7 in a new build after uninstalling from the old its the most flexive option for Do it yourself pc builders.
  2. If you're not planning on building for +2 months, I suggest you hold off on buying any parts now. A lot can change in that timeframe, and the trend is for parts to get less expensive over time, so there isn't any advantage to buying some parts now.
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