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Hey guys. I've looking to build my first system soon and can't decide on only one thing, Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge. I'm looking at the 2600/2700k and the 3770k. I wanted to oc to 5.0ghz, and since the the 3770k starts spiking in temp after you go past around 4.4/4.5ghz, and i don't NEED the hd 4000 graphics and native USB 3.0, I continue leaning towards the SB. I know an IB at 4.4ghz is equivalent to a SB at around 4.6ghz, but again i want to push it to 5.0ghz (maybe more if possible in the future :D). So should I settle with IB at 4.5ghz or go with SB at 5.0ghz? And i will be running on Z77 with both btw. Thanks everyone!
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  1. I would rather have an IB at 4.5 than a SB at 5.0.
  2. So technically the core speed of a SB at 5.0 is faster than an IB at 4.5? One more thing. Say i have a 750w psu and thats the perfect amount for my system PRIOR to oc'ing running at a SB 2700k's stock speed. ABOUT what size psu will i need to run stable at 5.2ghz? And thanks for that article. Even though it didnt have SB in it, it gave me some useful info :).
  3. But wouldn't an oc'd cpu use more power?
  4. Oh ok. But i just used 750w as an example lol. I was just trying to ask how much of an increase power consumption would be.
  5. Ok thanks. Ill just round them both to 100w lol.
  6. Aww damn now your making me want to see what Haswell brings lol. I'm going to try and switch this to a question so i can select your last post as the best answer. :)
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  8. Will do malmental, thanks. :)
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