How badly will this CPU bottleneck my new GPU?

Got a new Radeon 6770 on the way. My current GPU is an AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core. How much of a bottleneck would my current CPU create? Would it be too ridiculous for games such as Metro 2033, Skyrim or STALKER w/ complete 2009 mod?

Also, subquestion; will this system run fine on a 450W PSU (providing I don't overclock it too much) or should I invest in a 550W? Both PSUs in question are Antec Basiq Series, and I have 3GB of DDR2 RAM.
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  1. Does your current psu have the 6 pin connection needed to power the 6770? It's stats reccomend a 500w. If you are using a AM2+ motherboard You can get a 3 core or 4 core modern AMD cpu and pop it right in as they are compatable as long as the wattages match up.
  2. The system will probably most likely run very well on a CREDIBLE 450W power supply.

    Antec is definitely credible, and the card will most not likely bottleneck the card. If it does, its by very very little.
  3. Skyrim and SC2, off the top of my head, are generally CPU-limited. In those you'll have trouble.
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