Should I get the Kingwin lzp-750?

I see the lzp-750 at amazon for $160, but should I buy it? Do I need it for this system?
here's what I'm getting:
gtx 670
i5 3570k
p8p67 (or p8z68, whichever's cheaper on ebay) deluxe
8gb 1.35v 1600mhz g. skill
1tb seagate
120gb mushkin chronos
cooler master haf x

I saw that this power supply has amazing voltage regulation and it's the same price as a gold power supply (on amazon), but do I need that 750w, or could I get a 550w (maybe gold, depending on the price)?
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  1. I wouldn't put a Kingwin PSU in my PC if you paid me.

    Get an XFX 650w for less than half of that cost and it will work definitely.

    - Edit -
    Be careful getting a p67 or z68 motherboard and an Ivy Bridge processor. It may not work if the motherboard doesn't have the absolutely newest BIOS. Z77s are the ones that work without BIOS updates. Anything earlier will probably need a BIOS update in order for the motherboard to read the chip.

    If you got the p67 or z68 and it needed the BIOS update to work, you obviously wouldn't be able to accomplish that with the 3570k which isn't recognized. You would have to have another Intel chip that is recognized laying around to use temporarily.

    I can't guarantee that you would have this problem either way, but the FX processors from AMD have this same problem in a huge way and a lot of people get burned by it. It is just something you have to be prepared for if you are buying an old motherboard and a new processor.
    - End Edit -
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    Any single graphics card system will run fine with a quality 550w power supply. You only need 750 watts if you plan on adding a second card in the future.

    Those Kingwin power supplies are very good. Made by Super Flower and are generally rated quite well. The 550w LZP 550 model gets a 9 + recommended from jonnyguru. It's expensive at $149 on newegg though.

    Personally if you want a highly efficient power supply I would go with this Seasonic X 560 80 Plus Gold unit. Same 9 + recommended by jonnyguru and cheaper.
  3. yea I know about that, so I'll ask the seller to update the bios or I'll replace the chip myself. Also, why don't you like kingwin? I heard they used to have a bad reputation, but this one got an amazing review everywhere.
  4. but what about capacitor aging? I got the 750w from psucalculatorlite
  5. Capacitor ageing is mostly a myth with high quality modern solid capacitor power supplies. It still does happen of course but not at any 10% a year or whatever the online power supply calculators estimate. Nvidia only recommends a 500w power supply for a 670 and that assumes a crap brand.

    I wouldn't put a Kingwin PSU in my PC if you paid me.

    Why not? They don't have a single bad review. Some models are excellent. Super Flower is one of the better OEMs.
  6. how about the ap-550, which looks like a non-modular lzp-550 Is that any good? It's cheaper than the seasonic by $15
  7. The brand and OEM are just too new to really be trustworthy in my book.

    I don't know if the association is deserved, but when I think Kingwin I don't think "good PSU". Maybe it had a string of poor quality models in the past or something.

    That being said, I guess if someone paid me I might consider it if Johnnyguru says its OK.
  8. Kingwin PSU's like most brands come up with varying scores

    1000 watter Platinum gets a 9.5 performance rating

    550 watter gets a 10.0

    850 watter gets a 9.5

    1000 Gold gets only an 8.5

    As for the size.....
    Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) = 170 watts
    Minimum System Power Requirement (W) - 500 watts

    That puts two SLI's 670 cards safe at 670 watts.....if overclocking CPU and SLI'd 670's I'd go 850 watts, 750 if no OC's in mind.
  9. Kingwin makes decent power supplies, I would put them up there with antec, xfx, seasonic etc. However, they look like they belong in the raidmax, diablotek, and ocz categories.
  10. Kingwin Styker 500W - 9.0 Performance rating

    Kingwin Lazer Gold 850W - 9.7 Performance rating
    One of the reasons why the 1000W version had such a poor score was because they used cheaper capacitors in that particular unit.

    Other PSUs which use the same Super Flower Golden Green/King platform.
    NZXT Hale90 850W - 9.0 Performance rating

    Sentey Gold Steel Power 850W - 9.5 Performance rating

    Rosewill Capstone-750W - 9.1 Performance rating

    Rosewill Lightning-1000 - 9.0 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden King 500W - 9.5 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden King 550W - 9.0 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden King 1000W - 9.0 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden Silent 500W - 9.0 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden Green 800W - 9.1 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden Green 1300W - 9.0 Performance rating

    Super Flower Golden Green 450W - 8.8 Performance rating

    So that's 2 out of 17 which have a performance score of less than 9.0. And I can't find any other JG reviews for SF GG based units.

    I believe the earliest of those reviews was from 2010 (for the NZXT Hale90 850W unit).
    Super Flower themselves were established in 1991 according to RHTX. HardOCP reviews also mention the fact that Super Flower was established in 1991.
    Kingwin founded in 1992 according to RHTX.

    So I would say that if you can afford the Lazer Platinum 750W then you should definitely get it.
  11. According to Realhardtechx Super Flower completed their power supply manufacturing plan in 2006. As I said above they are one of the better OEMs.
  12. at one point i was deciding between seasonic and kingwin 1k plantium power supplies. both are good but i went with the seasonic for the 7 year warranty. super flower is great though and highly recommended by a lot of people. just look around and u will find ur answer on if the psu is good or enough.
  13. But I don't need 750w since I'm just getting 1 gtx 670 and overclocking that and a 4.2-4.5ghz overclock (I'll be looking for a good balance of speed and noise and temps) on the 3570k, do I need more than a 550w power supply?
  14. stuffstuff said:
    But I don't need 750w since I'm just getting 1 gtx 670 and overclocking that and a 4.2-4.5ghz overclock (I'll be looking for a good balance of speed and noise and temps) on the 3570k, do I need more than a 550w power supply?

    Are you going to run Prime and Furmark 24/7 ? How about the OCCT psu test ?
    If not, then no, you don't need more than 550 watts
  15. stuffstuff said:
    But I don't need 750w since I'm just getting 1 gtx 670 and overclocking that and a 4.2-4.5ghz overclock (I'll be looking for a good balance of speed and noise and temps) on the 3570k, do I need more than a 550w power supply?
    I would go with a 750w just to have the extra breathing room It would probably also be a good idea in case you decide to get another gtx 670 and sli later down the road too.That way you don't half to worry about upgrading your psu it's only a suggestion mate it's your choice if you just want to get a 550w so be it ;)
  16. Ok so I'll get a 550w psu. I probably won't do sli for a long time, if at all.
  17. Using 2x video cards isn't a great idea anyway so you are fine with a 550w. Maybe get an XFX 650w if you intend to massively OC both the processor and video card, but otherwise a 550w from a good quality maker is more than enough.
  18. There is some good advice on this forum and some uninformed opinions. Kingwin has been on a winning streak as of late with several of their units getting top awards.

    Here is what Hard OCP said about the LZP -550, a close cousin to the unit you have in mind, " had absolutely excellent voltage regulation, excellent DC Output Quality, excellent build quality and much improved support."

    The unit you are looking at is backed by a 5 year warranty.

    Look at a couple of well informed and credible reviews and make your decision.

    Anecdotally speaking, I wanted a silent power supply for my PC and needed something robust. I purchased the Kingwin Stryker STR500 Power Supply. I made this decision after reading HardOCP's review of the unit where they gave it their Gold Award. Speaking from experience, I am extremely pleased with it. It is one in a handful of power supplies to be 80+ platinum certified. It runs cool to the touch and feels very well made. They used Infineon Mosfets, Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors, and other premium parts to build it.
  19. So is the lzp-550 worth the $25 more than the x560? I decided not to get the ap-550 because it isn't modular and its voltage regulation isn't as good as the lzp-550.
  20. In my opinion no. Super Flower makes great units but at the same price I would go with Seasonic everytime myself.
  21. I think I'll get the x560 because it looks like it has better voltage regulation and it's cheaper. Efficiency isn't really a big concern.
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