This is unfockingbelievable ! Turbo Tech slowed me down the whole time

Hey guys !

So,a few months ago I bought a RADEON HD 6850 since my old 8500GT died on me
(that l1ttle b1tch) and I used it with a Core i7 860 STOCK SPEED (2,8 Ghz) using TURBO (pay attention on TURBO) and 8GB of RAM and started playing games.

I was so freaking excited !
My first gaming PC ! (I know,your is better,don´t know,don´t care... ) :D

But things didn´t come out as I were lagging and stuttering so bad that finally I decided to STOP playing as this was really deceiving....

I didn´t got what I sir,I was really disappointed on this one !
So I thought : ´´Hm...that´s gotta be the CPU running to slow´´,therefore I bought myself a brand new motherboard,so I can overclock and hopefully play those games as I expected to do.

Also,my PC was running slow and I blamed the CPU speeds as well.

So I started overclocking !
Got my PC at 3.8 Ghz for some time,I played the games again and the results were the same :( What a disappoinment !

I lowered the overclock to 3.2 Ghz and as before,I was using TURBO at 3.7 Ghz.

Nothing changed....the PC was still running slow,the games were running the same,and I got myself a really bad disillusion and I said:
´´Fck this! Is time to turn on the dusted PS3´´

So I quited on my PC,as with new parts and high overclock,the PC kept running slow and lagging and stuttering in all games(especially when moving the camera or turning around)...

Today,I said: ´´Come on,dude! You can do this ! There´s something wrong there ! ´´



I noticed that while in BIOS,TURBO kept showing and disappearing and I was like ´´What´s wrong with this fella?´´ so I turned TURBO OFF,YES I SAID OFF,USED HT AND SET THE CPU CLOCK TO STOCK --> 2.8 Ghz with NO TURBO !

Wanna know what happend ?
My PC now runs blazingly fast ! My games are not lagging nor stuttering anymore !
I am really pleased to say that my PC is faster at 2.8 Ghz stock speed than at 3.8 Ghz ! !
Yes ! Finally,was about time !

My PC is back ! And I´m back too !

Now...why am I here ?
Well,is easy !

I need to know why was TURBO(and OC too maybe) slowing down my PC so bad ?
I lost like 40% of what my PC used to be the day I turned TURBO ON !

What do you guys think of this ?


I blame the PSU,but I don´t think so...Is a Cooler Master Real Power M620 Modular,not the best,but still pretty good.

What do you guys think ? Why was TURBO mode from Intel killing my PC ?

Cheers fellas !
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  1. Anyone ? :)

    What do you guys think about this weird thing that was killing my PC ? :)
    Maybe R.A.M lowered in speed as TURBO was ON ?
    Maybe the PSU wasn´t capable enough ?

    I´m listening :D
    Thanks !
  2. You could of just got a lemon. Yours might just have a bug with turbo mode. Try overclocking and disabling turbo. That would get rid of the turbo bug and still let you be able to have higher performance. But if you can't even oc WITHOUT turbo on, i don't know what to tell you. Good luck.
  3. You really freaking nailed it !
    That´s exactly what I´m trying to say...that stupid TURBO everytime I O.C. turns ON and there´s no way to turn that OFF :(

    I don´t know why but if my PC shows great performance and survived the Prime95 test,am I ok ? :)
  4. Doesn't Turbo act by using the power of unused cores, and gives the extra clock speed to the ones being used? That's what I understood. So maybe it's a bug with Turbo like @OCGL16 said where the distribution wasn't being done properly.
  5. If it only works fine at stock with no turbo then use it like that.

    It is possible that it is a PSU problem. PSU problems can disguise themselves as problems with anything else. There is no way to rule that out at this point except trying a different PSU.

    You could have also just got a bad processor.

    Or it is possible your CPU cooler isn't connected right. If the turbo is pushing the CPU temps too high then the processor would scale itself back to cool down. That could explain the bouncy sort of behavior if the processor is speeding up, getting too hot, slowing down, getting cold again, and repeating the cycle.

    It is possible that at 2.8 the cooler can keep it cold enough so it doesn't bounce all over the place.

    Anyway, I can't say anything for sure and all that stuff is just an educated guess.
  6. I don´t think is the CPU,is brand new,well sort of.I bought it a year ago and is running fine,no errors,never gave me a problem except for this TURBO thing which is getting really annoying ...

    Did I mentioned that my PSU is refurbished ? :D

    By the way,with TURBO and OC made,I got 40 Idle and 70 Load.
    Without TURBO and STOCK Clocks,32 Idle and 55 Load.
  7. So this has been happening since the day you got your system? If so, you probably do have a lemon. BUT, it could be a psu or cpu cooler problem like Raiddinn mentioned.
  8. A refurbished cooler master? That's horrible!
  9. Agreed ^^ haha
  10. OCGL16 said:
    Agreed ^^ haha

    Hahaha ^^ What do you mean by ´´lemon´´ ? :D

    A bad CPU ? :O running great(Without TURBO)
  11. Most likely a problem with temperatures.
  12. FinneousPJ said:
    Most likely a problem with temperatures.

    I don´t think so.
    My Katana 3 is not the best CPU Cooler out there but still does the job pretty good,idling at 40º C when running at 3.8 Ghz with Turbo and Load temp around 70º C.

    Right now,at stock clocks and NO TURBO,idles at 28º C and load temp is around 50 to 55 º C.

    Cheers and thanks.
  13. If I were you I would like to investigate this more. You keep saying that your computer was running slow, but you really never mention any specific clocks. Is/was turbo boost ever actually working? I'm not talking about if it's just on or off in the bios, but actually monitor what your cpu is doing when it is idle and when it has a load. Clocks and temps. Intel has a program that will specifically monitor turbo boost. I would recommend doing this to investigate what is actually happening in a way that you can quantify it rather than just saying it's running "slow". So monitor this as if it were out of the box, default bios, no overclock, turbo boost on.
  14. masakruwolverine said:
    I don´t think so.

    I wouldn't be so quick to ignore things that are mentioned here.

    Just sayin.

    70c is a bit high for a processor imho. I could see it scaling back operations to get itself below that.

    Also, you may know your processor temperature, but do you know the temperature of the surrounding items on the motherboard that don't traditionally have sensors but they control the voltages going into the CPU?

    Computers with aftermarket coolers often don't send a lot of air across those parts like dispersal fans do, allowing them to overheat which affects power going to the CPU.

    If you want to test whether it is the temperature of the voltage regulators, aim a big AC oscillating fan into the case and see if the stability problems persist.

    In other news, refurbishing a Cooler Master PSU makes me shudder as well.
  15. Quote:
    70c is a bit high for a processor imho. I could see it scaling back operations to get itself below that.

    TCase for the i7 860 is 73C and Tjmax is 99C, so throttling isn't the issue (would throttle at or near 99C core temp).
  16. Turbo mode drops the number of active cores. At full turbo you're running everything on 1 core. Now turbo mode isnt supposed to kick in unless those other cores are inactive so I'm thinking its a bios issue myself. Have youchecked for an updated bios?
  17. Forget the word "lemon" lol. Not necessarily a BAD cpu but a problem that yours has that others mostly don't.
  18. I looked this up more and have found that you're not the only one. People are having turbo boost with other 860's as well. Not alway's what you are experiencing, quite the opposite actually. This person on tom's has a problem where they can't get turbo boost OFF.

    Here's the thread:
  19. **having turbo boost PROBLEMS with other 860's
  20. masakruwolverine said:
    Anyone ? :)

    What do you guys think about this weird thing that was killing my PC ? :)
    Maybe R.A.M lowered in speed as TURBO was ON ?
    Maybe the PSU wasn´t capable enough ?

    I´m listening :D
    Thanks !

    I would check for a BIOS update. Turbo is only supposed to work in the way that if your CPU is running lower than its stated TDP under certain loads, it will increase the frequency of certain cores until it reaches its TDP and then stop.

    As for the RAM, no Turbo should not affect RAM speeds and even if your RAM dropped to DDR3 800, it wouldn't affect gaming that much.

    As for the PSU, Cooler Masters are ok. They are not that great but not the worst.

    It could be the PSU is too weak to allow overclocking or it could be a heat issue. CPUs tend to downclock when they are getting too hot and that would cause stuttering.

    Still I would try a BIOS update first and see what happens.
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