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Need help building a budget gaming system

i'm torn between the i5 2500k and i7 2600
my goal is to get a rig that runs smoothly when playing games. i don't do much recording, streaming, photo video editing and a noob when it comes to specifics.
i want something that can run games like the witcher 2, CODMW3, diablo 3 really smoothly.

also, these are the boards available in my area, which would be the best one in terms of performance?

MSI H61M-E23 B3
MSI H61M-E33 B3

memory: KINGSTON 4GB DDR3 PC10600/1333

GTS 450 / hd 6770 / hd 5770?

PSU: huntkey 500w

i don't have much to spend and those are my options. any suggestions? with me saving over $100 if i get the i5 where should i spend the money on? GPU or search for a better board?

budget is around $500-$600.
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    Games dont use more than 4 cores so the 2600K's ability to hyperthread wont help performance . Even intel recommend the 2500K for gaming .

    NONE of the motherboards you mention are really suitable. All use the H61 chip set . If you use them you wont be able to overclock . If you do not wish to overclock they can be fine but just get a 2500 not a 2500k since the K model is unlocked to overclock
    Overclockers need boards with Z68 or P67 chipsets . Ideally Z68

    Memory should be 1.5 volt [or less]

    Of those graphics cards the 6770 , but none is particularly powerful . If you are gaming at 1080p resolution then a 6870 is a good starting point balancing cost with frame rates and image quality .

    The huntkey power supply is dreadful . You could get one as a door stop , or to throw at dogs that wander into your yard .
    Get a quality psu
  2. thanks for the explanation regarding the processors.

    i plan to overclock in the future so i would be searching for a z68/p61 chipset and would get the i5 2500k.
    i may be going for the HD 6770 due to availability because any newer model are overpriced here in PH like $30-$40 more than it should be.

    i lol'd at the PSU comment, i was under the impression i could maybe recycle my PSU from my old rig, guess i'll have to search more.

    i'll go check out other parts in a while and will get back with whatever i find.

    thanks for the reply.
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