AMD for around 100$


So, in the middle of shopping for parts i get to the "Fun" part. the Video card. heres my problem..

right now you can get a:
6770 for 90$
6790 for 109$
6850 for 129$

Yes im deffinatly on a budget so every dollar counts. I've looked at so many benches... one half of them the 6770 and the 6850 are less then 5 FPS apart. The other half of the benches the 6850 is 15+ FPS.

With the cards being so close in price but at the same time sorta close in preformance i just dont know.

The card will either be paired with a A2-X3 or P G6XX CPU with 4 gigs of ram. this is going to be a family \ "guy who has a family Gamer"

Thanks for the help.
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  1. All of those cards are really good; its hard to choose. Its really down to how much you want to spend and the intensity of the games you play.
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