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Well I am building another PC and I just wanted your guys input on stuff, cuz you guys are so helpful. Well here are the pieces I am probably gonna get SO FAR (need monitor, cpu coolor, "extra fans"?, keyboard, etc)

Most of these pieces are the same as my bros comp he built although some are different, and almost all have great reviews, i'm just curious what you guys think? BTW the MOBO and Case are a bit on the expensive side, do you think it is worth it? Any bad experiences with anything?

Trying to spend max $1700-2000
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  1. What are you playing and at what res?
  2. I think you need a 650 - 750 watt psu

    There are cheaper Z68 motherboards that are just as good

    If you like the case then buy it . But you can get a very effective case for $100 less
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