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Hello all,

Ok, so I have figured out why I am getting texture corruption in BF3. It is all vram related. I like to max out the game settings as much as possible. So for me that means ultra and at least 2xmsaa, post processing high, 16AF, and HBAO. Well with these settings the game max's out the vram use and on firestorm and caspian border I get corruption. This is a known problem and maybe it will get fixed. BTW I am running the 290.36 beta drivers and the EVGA bios update for my 560ti FPB. I am running at a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and don't plan on upgrading my 22" Sammy until it breaks or I give it to my kids which wouldn't be any time soon.

Sooooo here are my questions:

1. I am looking into getting another 560ti FPB for SLI. I know that SLI vram does not add so I will still have 1gb of ram, but in SLI doesn't each card take half of the rendering? So doesnt that mean that 1gb will be used for half of the picture and not the whole so in theory it would use less ram and be overall faster? Some of you uber users I would appreciate a good response here. Those SLI'ers that are playing BF3 I would appreciate any advice and opinions that you would have too. This option whould give me the most processing power but still at the 1gb limit. This would be the most expensive option but still reasonable.

2. If I buy a 560ti 2gb model and sell the 560ti 1gb model would that solve my problems? I would have more memory and thus I should have less issues with maxing out the memory. I am not sure it is a processing power issue.

3. Would a 560ti 448 with 1.25gb be a good upgrade? Same thought more ram. More processing power too, about 13%. Only issue is that the card is a limited release card.

I have an offer on my card for $175 if I decide to sell it.

Please let mek now your thoughts!


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  1. Hey Chip,

    I can't answer all of your questions, but I know that BF3 renders it's SLI in seperate frames, i.e. card 1 does frame 1 and card 2 does frame 2. Versus SLI that splits a single frame between two cards. However, I too wonder how much a difference this makes in performance. I assume that rendering the same frame co-currently between cards would be better than every other frame. From my gameplaying after uprgrading from one 560ti to two in SLI I noticed an increase in FPS for other games (i.e. Crysis 2) but in BF3 where it does alternate frame rendering, my fps are not much better than a single card. I am looking to upgrade my processor from a Q6700 (oced to 3.2ghz) to see if that may be bottlenecking me in this particular application - so my experience may be different than your own. Aslo, I currently get texture corruption in BF3 with my 560ti SLI, however it is just on certain maps off in the distance.

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