Ssd and Hdd?

Hey guys soo i am a noob and whats the difference between hdd and ssd?
Should i get both for my desktop gaming pc?
Should i get Hdd instead of sdd ?
Should i get Sdd instead of Hdd?


Should i get hybrid
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  1. SSD is much faster than a HDD and it costs many times more as well.

    Everyone that I have ever heard of that has an SSD also has a HDD. They install things on the SSD and use the HDD for data storage.

    I would avoid the hybrid setup. I have heard many people like it, but I have also seen first hand some horror stories too.
  2. soo should i just stick with hdd?
  3. Yes. Stick with the HDD and add an SSD later on.
  4. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing an SSD is. Seriously the best $100 I've spent on computer parts in years. I got a 60GB OCZ Vertex 3 for about $80 and haven't looked back.

    My own setup is the 60GB Vertex 3 as my Windows 7 boot drive and a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 for data storage. Works flawlessly. If you have ~$200 to spare I can't stress enough how much better this (at a minimum) combo improves your quality of computer use.

    To give you an example, my computer goes from power off to the windows desktop in about 21 seconds and my slowest loading program AIDA 64 loads in four seconds with all others (firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) loading in one second on average.

    Now obviously the only time my computing experience is just like everyone else is when I'm loading a game off my HDD because it's not on the SSD but that is because I got the cheap 60GB version instead of blowing $250 for a 240GB Vertex 3 that would have enough room to put my games on.

    To summarize: buy an SSD.
  5. samsung097 said:
    soo should i just stick with hdd?

    If you read what I said and feel like you should stick with 1x HDD and 0x SSD then yes that is probably what you should do.

    I don't know your budget or anything so I can't really tell you what decision is right for you. I can only give you the tools to make your own choice.
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