I am a gamer and need help?? (HARD DRIVES)

I was wondering whats the best way to have a SSD and a HDD. I want a SSD for gaming, maybe around 150gb then the HDD as backup and other things, maybe a 1Tb drive??? Is this good for gaming?? I am trying to save money but I want performance :)
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  1. You want performance? Then just get a hybrid of HDDs and SSDs. Get a Crucial M4 64GB for $100, put all your games on it, and your good. Then get a Hitachi 500GB 7200rpm for $70 by putting useless stuff on there. That would be $170. If you want to spend another $80, get the 128GB Crucial M4. Thats would be $250 adn better than if you bought a Cavier Black
  2. ^ That is not a hybrid. A hybrid combines a small SSD and a hard dive in the same enclosure. Those are not nearly as fast an a pure SSD.

    You want an SSD of at least 120GB ( at least I recommend that as a starting point ) with the OS, programs and games installed on it. Use a separate mechanical drive for storage ( music, videos, pictures ect.). The whole point of having an SSD is having the OS on it. Just having games on it is a waste of money since all it does is speed up load times. Haing the OS AND all your programs on the SSD is where you get a huge increase in overall system responsivness.

    I have a 120GB SSD with Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Office 2007, programs and 10 or 12 games and I have about 33GB free space. You do have to be a bit careful with how many games are installed at once but it's easy to uninstall a game when I am not going to play it for a while and just reinstall when I want to come back to it. It's especially easy with Steam.
  3. SSD's dont really help for gaming at all, well not for frame rates or graphics, SSD's will speed up windows and extracting files ect crazy fast, but all an SSD will do for gaming is make it load up faster, alt tab really quick, and re-enter game after alt tabing really quick, so if your buying a 128gb SSD for gaming, id say dont bother, buy a 64-80gb ssd to boot windows off, and a 1tb drive like a WD black caviar for storage and games, but hey thats just my opinion, if you have the money, yeah buy a huge ass SSD and play off it, it certainly cant hurt performance
  4. PM sent.
  5. I agree with Anort3 above, but I also have another view for someone that doesn't want the headache of micromanaging SSDs. The OCZ Synpase is a Cache SSD that you don't actually install anything onto, you don't have to worry about optimization, write thrashing or running out of room. While many cache solutions are notoriously slow, the Synapse manages to maintain the 500/500 type capabilities of the Agility 3 which it is based on.

    This is personally the route I'm going after much SSD research for my current build.

    Here's a great article on it and its performance:


    I honestly believe this is the immediate future of SSDs at least until we see TLC and gb/price ratios that are much closer to HDD standards.
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