Can the p180 mini fit a full size atx mobo?

I bought the p180 mini, and stupidly forgot to read that it said up to micro atx mobo. My mobo is a Asus p8z6-v LX and vid card is 6870. I was wondering if its physically possible to install the mobo since its not that much bigger than matx mobo.

Here is link for the mobo
and case
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  1. I am sorry to inform you, but the case is not natively compatible with your motherboard. There may be a way to fit the motherboard in, but you'll have to other stuff such as drill holes and such, which I DO NOT recommend. The best plan of action is to either return either the case or motherboard, whichever is cheap/returnable. I would return the case because the graphics card may be a tight squeeze if it can fit
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