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Hello, I am building a computer for my friend, but I want to update all the drivers and tweak things before I hand the system over to him. After I'm done with the updates how do I enable the setup screen you get when you start a computer for the first time? The setup screen that asks you to name your computer an user account? Is this even possible as I would initially be creating a temp user admin account to do all the driver and windows updates, would I then be able to go back, delete the temp account and enable the setup screen so when he turns it on the first time it's as if it's a new retail computer he bought from the store. Thanks.
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  1. sysprep.exe or msi used to do that.....
  2. Did you already activate Windows for him?
    If not, you can use sysprep.exe without an "answer file."
    This strips out the accounts and passwords.
  3. nope not activated yet, will tell him to activate once he deems everything is running ok. the link you posted doesn't work for me, what should i search for. stripping out the accounts and passwords sounds exactly like what I want to do.
  4. the first link was for how to use Sysprep. The second link has the toolkit and it should contain the sysprep.exe program. What it does is make the user go through the initial setup (not the installation) for the pc, where you type in the computer name, regional settings/time zone, etc. You can run it yourself to see what it does on their pc.
  5. thanks a lot I will give it a try. lol I know it's probably all unnecessary, I guess I just want the illusion of some type of professional install when he turns on system for firs time hahah, cheers
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