GTX 560 Ti 2GB - Possible driver problem and crashing on Win7 64bit

hey these are my system specs
Asus M4N75TD
GTX 560 ti twin frozr 2gb
amd 3.3 six core
1000 watt ocz zx series
ram kingston hyper blu ddr3 1333
sata hd

sens i installed the graphics card
im having a issue with my resolution and glitching
i play call of duty black ops an MW3 and in the game i see glitching, like static, multiple locations as i move around
flashes in black, green, red, yellow, comming up in small squares, , its like splotching
movie quality went down compaired to my 7950gt card
just surfing the net or desktop i have fuzz around characters, like lettering and pictures,
any ideas?
i tried uninstalling the gtx 560 2gb and then reinstalling all the drivers, from the nvidia website, and cd
did not help my situation
i tried changing resolution and did not help
this card comes overclock from factory
i did not change factory settings, nor do i want to, just want to have good picture quality in my games with no lags and good speed
has anyone had any problems similar and could help out thanks
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  1. have you tried clean driver installation?
  2. ya i installed them three different ways,
    cd, net threw recommended setting, and custom, clean driver instalation
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