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System Configuration for extreme Excel based simulation

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February 2, 2012 12:01:38 AM

I'm in the process of configuration a system to run:
- multiple "intensed" excel simulations
- running four to six 24" IPS monitors (Dell 2412M)
- multiple applications - Excel (multiple files), 2 different programs running Java (streaming data and graphs), and multiple tabs (lots) of Firefox and IE.

I've done some research but worrying of under-power (or overkill) as I don't play much game at all. My office is always warmer than normal (70F or higher) and that cooling is always an issue. Occasional Photoshop but usually not concurrently. Spec is as follow:

- Intel 2011 - 3930X or 3960X
- ASUS Rampage IV Extreme MB
- CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB x2 => 32GB
- CORSAIR Case - 550D, 650D, or 600T
- CORSAIR H100 (push/pull)
- CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850
- Samsung 830 SSD 256GB (OS and programs)
- Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB x2 RAID 0 (Data)
- Video Card - could not figure out which one to use (4 ~ 6 monitors)
- LITE-ON Blu-Ray burner
- Windows 7 - Professional or Ultimate (?)

Your recommendations are much appreciative.

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February 2, 2012 12:14:52 AM

X79 might be overkill as it doesn't take much to power an Excel system but for what you need it to do it's more than capable. Try something like this:

- CORSAIR Case - 550D, 650D, or 600T [/qu

Normally I wouldn't recommend messing with a closed liquid loop like this but with X79 you're not going to have a whole lot of options at least yet so this will be fine for now.

- ASUS Rampage IV Extreme MB

That's a good board but serious overkill. For X79 I'd actually recommend the Intel DXX79SI:

Where the Intel boards are about as bland as it gets for features, they more than make up for it in the longevity department - my D975XBX board is still running strong after nearly six years of owning it.

- Video Card - could not figure out which one to use (4 ~ 6 monitors)

You'll want to do Eyefinity but even with the latest and greatest you'll only be able to run 3 monitors per card. Try something like this:

If that's too rich for your blood try this: