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Is this PSU good enough?

My logisys ATX PSU has +12V max 16A on the +12V rail. I have +5V and max 36A on the +5V rail. That means I have 192W on the +12V and 180W on the +5V rail at Full/ Max load. I want to dedicate this PSU ENTIRELY (Nothing else plugged in) to a Radeon 6850 video card. The issue is I don't have an 6 pin connectors. Can I use a Molex to 6 pin adapter to power this video card? Will this PSU power my video card to begin with?
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  1. Logisys is about the crappiest PSU that is made! I would throw it away before it gets an opportunity to burn off some of your more modern hardware (HD6850)!
    Quality PSU's can be had for not much money!
  2. I figured that when it didn't work in a previous build, but you think it will still perform badly in a a build that consists ONLY of avideo card? No motherboard, CPU, HDD, nothing.
  3. It will not power on unless the motherboard connector is jumped or connected. I can not say it is going to work since it is just as likely to burn your card!
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    The problem is its a logisys. You have (in theory) 192W. GPUs only care about 12V power. The 6850 is a ~130W card. This is nearly 70% of the possible output of that PSU. As I said earlier, the problem is that its a logisys. Those lightweights aren't known for being able to reliably provide the power they claim to. My guess is it will work, but the output will be really dirty. The 6850 or anything else you attach to it will eventually die earlier then it should have.

    This is $47 not counting the rebate but including the shipping. It will handle the 6850 all by itself and the rest of the system as well. Much better then trying to use two PSUs to handle your setup. (more so if the logisys didn't power up a system before hand.)
  5. The logisys couldn't power an entire system, but when place in a system with no dedicated video card it did fine. I'm building an external GPU unit for my laptop, so I'm not worried about using two psj's and jumping the green and Grey wires. But thanks. Are there any low watt like 200W 12V only PSU that can do the job? Maybe even an external power brick?
  6. I think you are missing what we are trying to say. I wouldn't trust that PSU to power anything. Period. If you had an older/weaker better PSU then I'd say go for it. But those guys? Not a chance.
  7. millions1030 said:
    I'm building an external GPU unit for my laptop

    Wait, what? How do you expect that to work? I'm not following how that would be possible or useful.
  8. I'm using a passive 16x to to 1x converter called pe4h. It plugs into laptop via express card or mpcie. Very similar to the ViDock.
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