How i know type of vga card in dell n5110

i buy dell inspiron N5110 VGA is Nvidia 1GB but I dont know type of model for VGA
so I cant fond definition for display card.
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  1. go to run cmd and type msconfig it will tell u the type of vga u hve
  2. Right click on the computer, then click properties. A window will come out. See the left section in that window and look for device manager. Click it and a window will appear. Search for 'display adapter' in that window and it will tell you what GPU you have. I might give you some picture later to clear it up if you don't understand.
  3. download and install CPU-Z ;

    once installed head over to the graphics tab and you'll find details of your GPU. or better yet download GPU-Z ;
  4. I suggest you use GPU-Z instead, because its portable. But, CPU-Z also have portable version (the .zip version).

    Edit: GPU-Z display more details than CPU-Z. (Core clock, Memory clock, BIOS version etc)
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