A4-3300m and i5-2410m

Hi to everyone!

I was looking at the cpubenchmark list (http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php) and the cpus' specs at


and was wondering if the excessive difference of i5 (3300 score) over a4 (1600 score) is attributed solely to the base cpu speed (2300GHz vs 1900GHz). Because other than that their specs look close.

Hint: i4 has 4threads over a4, which has 2 threads.

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  1. The Core i5-2410m is a dual core CPU with Hyper Threading so it is not a true quad core CPU. The stock speed is 2.3GHz, but with Turbo Boost on one core it can reach 2.9GHz. It has the Intel HD 3000 integrated graphic core which is equivalent to a desktop Radeon HD 5450 graphic card, but does not support DX11; only DX10.

    The A4-3300m is a dual core CPU with a stock speed of 1.9GHz and up to 2.5GHz using TurboCore with one core. The integrated Radeon HD 6480G is close to the performance of a desktop Radeon HD 5550.

    While the clock speed between the two CPUs are fairly close, Intel's CPUs are in fact more powerful because of the CPU's architecture design. Thus if both CPUs had the exact same clock speed, the Intel CPU would be more powerful. Intel "Sandy Bridge" CPUs are basically about 20% more powerful than AMD's Llano CPUs so you would need a Llano CPU @ 2.4GHz to equal a Sandy Bridge CPU @ 2.0GHz.

    On the flip side, AMD's integrated graphic core is more powerful than Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs, plus they support DX11. Like I stated above, the Radeon HD 6480G is the more powerful integrated graphics core. Being almost comparable to a desktop Radeon HD 5550, it's performance is nothing to write home about. But in a laptop environment with a low screen resolution the Radeon HD 6480G does give pretty decent performance especially at it's low price point.

    If the laptop you are buying does not have a dedicated graphic card then go with a Llano laptop. But if the laptop has a dedicated graphic card, then choose whichever laptop has the more powerful one.
  2. Thanks a lot for your detailed reply!

    Not supporting DirectX11 is a major drawback?
    If laptop is not for gaming for example?
  3. For a non-gaming notebook missing DX11 support would not be a drawback.

    AMD positions it's APUs as competition for Intel CPUs
    A8 APU against Core i5 CPU
    A6 APU against Core i3 CPU
    A4 APU against Pentium SB dual core and below
    In general, APUs trade lower CPU performance for better GPU performance and a lower price point.

    source: Llano A-Series APU Notebook Platform Review

    AMD just announced the Llano APU replacement series called Trinity on Tuesday.
    AMD A10-4600M Review: Mobile Trinity Gets Tested
  4. In real world now and not just theory...

    I am among the following laptops (all HP) and I'm having a terrible headache whice to go for..

    1) 400euros
    HP g6-1215ev
    AMD A4-3300M
    HD 6510G2

    2) 450euros
    HP g6-1218ev
    AMD A6-3400m (2900)
    hd 6540g2

    3) 465euros
    Hp g6-1050
    INTEL i5-2410m
    HD 3000

    4) 490euros
    ΗΡ g6-1170ev
    INTEL i5-2410M
    HD 6470M
  5. Any Core i3-2330 2.2Ghz HP G6s?

    -> What are you going to use the notebook for?
  6. According to the benchmarks a6-3400m is better that i3-2310m and i found them at the same price.

    So that's why I excluded it.

    I'll use it for office works and light gaming (sims3).

    I'll have a look again at B960 also. With no Hyperthreading, it is comparable to the A4-3300m, though it lacks Turbo Boost.
  7. What benchmarks?
  8. It looks like there is a problem with the Passmark score for A6-3400M. We see that happen in Passmark from time to time.

    It's score of 2972 is higher then more recent updated A6 and better A8 models.
    AMD A6-3400M APU 2972
    AMD A6-3410MX APU 2262
    AMD A6-3420M APU 2274
    AMD A6-3430MX APU 2278

    AMD A8-3500M APU 2319
    AMD A8-3520M APU 2398
  9. I use this one:


    Ok, now I am comfused even worse :D

    Back to checking again..
  10. Thanks for that note!
  11. » AMD A-Series A6-3420M 1.5 GHz
    » AMD A-Series A6-3400M 1.4 GHz
  12. Ok I've made one total check again.

    The benefit of A6 is that is a quad core, so it has to be evaluated differently than the dual cores, where from your sayings I understood that Sandy Bridge has far better architecture than Llano.

    I have found a decent pricing for an i3-350m (HD 6370) at 450euros.

    The i3-350m is the previous generation which includes Nehalem :


    How is this cpu doing vs sandy bridge and llano? Is it equally "decent"?
  13. As WR said even though they are both dual core and are pretty close in GHz speed the I5 is going to be faster. I would go with the I5. How important are graphics for your needs?
  14. Graphics are not so important.
    i3-350m will have 6370 (it's the hp g42-450sv).
    My wonder is if i3-350m is as decent cpu as like i3-2310m.
    I understand that i5 is stronger cpu, but if i3-350m is just a step below then i'll go for it.
  15. About 2 steps below Core i5.
    See the above Passmark CPU score for the i3-350M vs i3-2310M

    AMD Radeon HD 6370M review
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