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Nvidia g210 vs 9500gt

I have a 9500gt and i can get a g210. is this a good or decent upgrade?

i do play games and i do a lil bit of graphic stuff.

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  1. It uses less power, but suffers at higher resolutions.

    Get a 512MB 9500GT instead!
  2. Nope. 9500 GT is waaaayyy better than 210. If you want to upgrade, upgrade to 5670.
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    GT210 isn't a gaming card. Stay with the 9500GT.
  4. yeah the 9500gt is a way good than the other one and if you play very high games than the both cards can't help you
  5. Don't upgrade your card with 210. Your current 9500GT is faster than 210. If you want an upgrade, get something like 460GTX or faster. Then you can call it an ''upgrade''.
  6. Thanks alot guys i will trust your advice and stay with the 9500GT
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