Does it Need a Aftermarket Cooler

I am about to buy a Intel Core i5 3550....i will never overclock it ...but is adding a Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo adding worth...
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    Adding the cooler would be an overkill since the bundled cooler is sufficient for std clocks.
  2. if your not gonna overclock then theres no need. but there are still advantages, such as lower running temps and quieter operation because the cooling is more efficient the fans dont have to work as hard.
    if you do get the hyper make sure you get a liquid bearing fan as your guaranteed silent running regardless of the speed its running at.
  3. dont bother. keep the money and enjoy
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  5. I personally don't trust push-pin HSF to stay put properly more than 2-3 years since everybody I know with C2D started having high temperature issues due to the retention loosening up over time from plastic deformation.

    If you plan to use your system a lot for more than three years, you probably will end up having to replace the stock HSF anyhow.
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