Dropped my heatsink onto my cpu


I had to reseat my heatsink and apply new thermal paste - which was no problem.
My cpu was put back into the socket without a problem but when I went to put my heatsink back in I dropped it from a bit higher than I meant to onto the cpu. I didn't hear any bad noises or anything - I just am looking for some reassurance good or bad as to if a slight drop like that would damage my cpu or mobo?

Its an Asus Z77-V Pro with an i5.

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  1. Do you see any apparent damage?
  2. it didnt look like it - but I didnt fully take it back out
  3. and on a side note/question - trying to hook up my psu to my mobo and it wont go all the way into the mobo.... and im nervous to put too much pressure on it... and its SO close, so should I need a ton of pressure or should it be fairly easy to go in?
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