New PC - Multiple BSOD's

Hey guys, first I wanna wish a happy late Xmas and new years! :)

On black friday I decided to build a new computer from scratch... which I only got to finish by christmas.
This is my gaming box, so I built it lazily. This is what I bought:

Mobo M4N68T-M-V2 Bios 0901
amd Phenom II x4 840
8gb RAM; 600gb HDD (one hdd 500gb/the other 100gb)
evga gtx 560
corsair GS600 PSU
and I'm using a somewhat old case from hp...

After buying the parts separately I built the box, at first without the GPU and PSU (I bought these on Xmas).

Installed Windows Vista x64... it worked normal however with random BSOD's.
The intervals were reasonable (two, three times a week from what I noticed, however this isn't my main box).

Then after I bought the gtx 560 and the corsair gs600 power supply and installed everything, it worked out of the box.

After using it for a few minutes tho, many BSOD's. So I assume it was a corrupted install.

So I installed Windows Vista Ultimate x64 this time... after initial setup... BSOD.

By then, I realized it could be the hardware... so I took one RAM off, powered it up... BSOD.

Switched the 4gb RAM stick to the other one, powered it up... BSOD.

Since I plan on using two hard drives, I switched between both of them as well and after doing a clean install on each one I still get BSOD after few minutes...

All drivers are updated and I haven't installed any software at all... except the mobo drivers, nvidia drivers and psu drivers.

I haven't managed to update windows since I get BSOD before I can finish... out of the 100 updates I have to do, I managed to do 18 before it BSOD's.

This is where it gets interesting tho... I have experience with Linux, so I ruled it out.. hey why not try it?

Booted Backtrack Linux (ubuntu based) and it ran FLAWLESSLY... after three hours of running Linux I was clear that Mr. Gates is to blame...

The thing is, I would normally just install Ubuntu and virtualize Windows... but this is suppose to be a Gaming box..

If I do that it's gonna considerably slow things down.

Any helps? Suggestions?

PS: I'm logging in the problematic box right now to post the minidumps.
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    Also worth mentioning, I installed Win Vista home premium, Win Vista Ultimate & Win 7 on several occasions.

    From my experience, i believe it's probably incompatibility/driver issues, since it ran Linux fine with no problems...

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Whats the BSOD stop code when you get a BSOD?
  3. Many different stop code... either the 7e, or SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, I also get MEMORY MANAGEMENT every now and then...

    IRQL_LESS_THAN.. or I also get the stop with reference to Ntfs.sys, win2k.sys, different files.. I believe their in the minidumps tho
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