I'm trying to install

this video card: ati rage xl 8mb pci
with the third driver on this page: Drivers for discontinued ATI
on this computer: HP Pavilion a250n
OS: Window XP

I've tried but failed. I get almost all the way then I get a blue screen saying "Windows has shut down to prevent damage. If this is your first time seeing this restart computer..."

I don't know what would be wrong, so I don't know what question to ask that will help. But if anyone has any experience, advice or resources they'd be willing to share, I greatly appreciate it.
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  1. So it seems I might be trying to put the card in the wrong slot. There are slots in which that card fits in on the motherboard, but I guess those are for something else.

    The graphics card must be installed in the black colored slot On This Motherboard right?

    Is it possible to install the card in a white slots?
  2. The brown one is agp the three others pci. It should not even fit the brown one.
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