Gtx 275 or his 6770 which id better

hi guys i wanna buy a new grafic card i have two option xfx gtx 275 or his 6770 which is better i have zoomstorm 500 watt power supply kindly give me good suggestion

corsair 2gb ddr2
core 2 due e4500 2.2
500 gb seagate 7200 rpm
intel gf33fb
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  1. For better power economy , direct X11, go for 6770. Your power supply is ok for any GPU you choose.
  2. hmm, i will say 6770 because in general gtx 275 is much better than 6770 the reason why i've suggest 6770 because it's brand is good while XFX has hotness issue nowaday.
    the better way is if you can look to another brand of tx 275 like EVGA,MSI,ASUS etc.

    see the performance of both it's clearly show that gx 275 is better.
  3. Your PSU isn't going to handle the GTX 275 anyway, so you may as well get the HD 6770, look here, the GTX 275 draws over 400W of power at full load, and you PSU can only put out 396W max on the +12V Rail, never mind continuous power.
  4. Ah, the voice of reason. ^+1.
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