Integrated Video??

Can someone please explain what integrated means, in regard to laptop video cards? In another thread, a poster asked if he could switch his video card and was told no, because it would require a new motherboard. How is that any different from an integrated card? If you need a specific example, I'm looking to buy the Presario 900CA, which lists the video memory as 32MB Intregrated ATI Radeon Graphics.

I don't want to swap that card; I think it's more than sufficient. But is it sharing memory from the system ram, or does it have its own ram?
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  1. That means the video card is actually part of the mainboard and cannot be removed from it, as far as the memory goes it could be shared with the systems memory but that is highly unlikely since the company actually gives you a quote of 32mb video memory when the system clearly has much more than that...

    What has been said here needs no ending...
  2. Thank you so much for the help! :)
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