ATI Radeon 4850HD Overheating 67C

Hey, I have an ATI Radeon 4850Hd graphics card and it sits around 70C on idle. i was wondering if cleaning it and reaplying thermal paste would do the job. also i want to know if this card will run Battlefield3 and mw3 without crashing or lagging. THx :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :o
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  1. Start by cleaning it and see what your temps drop. It will run both games question is what details.
  2. What are the case temps? CPU temps?
  3. on speed fan the readings are.
    temp3:-51C ( probably no hardware in that spot)
    GPU:60C (with 40% fan running)
  4. a week ago i found a huge clump of dust completely blocking the cards vents and i cleaned it but it still is overheating to 83 when i play minecraft.
  5. Well you're probably fine, try using furmark or MSI kombustor and monitor temperature before cleaning off, if it reaches 90 Degrees go close the program and try cleaning and reapplying thermal paste. Because 70 at idle is maybe because the driver set it up like that (like the fan is going to low down as possible when idle). Maybe you need a driver update to fix that, but if at load it goes 90 degrees, you'd better clean and reapply thermal paste :).
  6. ATI radeon HD 4850 can run very hot, when there is limited airflow. This is normal i had one which had an idle temp of 82c turn fan speed to 55-60% you will be fine soon then temps will drop from 61-52c.
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