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Intel RTS2011 Liquid CPU cooler

Im just about to install my Intel RTS2011 Liquid CPU cooling unit, looks pretty good but im wondering the proper way to install the fan for best performance ..If it depends on my case im using the Antec 900 a well ventilated case with 2 120mm fans in the front and the 200mm badboy pulling air out the top..The Rad is located were the back fan was so is it better to place the fan which goes with the Rad on the inside pushing out or place the fan on the out side pushing in..Theres only one down fall if its better to put the fan on the outside pushing in i''ll loose the good looks of the blue led fan but really does it make any difference
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  1. the fan should be on the inside of the case then the rad on top of the fan

    the fan should be pulling colder air from outside the case through the rad

    shows how its done here with a corsair liquid cooler--where it says videos

    edit--if you want to see the blue fan then it would be rad to back of case first then fan pushing air out through the rad

    but to me pulling cooler air in is more sensible from a cooling point of view--though you dont see the fan leds that way
  2. I hear what your says it makes sense to use the cooler air thats on the outside of the case...but one of your links showed they were using the inside air blowing out...And i notice it must be ok to have the rad hoses at the top of the rad it seems this way it keeps your line more straight and neat
  3. yeah but if you read the second link--the Intel RTS2011

    they said you could fit it either way round but because of the shape of the intel fan they choose to mount it the easiest and

    quickest way cos you had to use spacers to do it pulling air in

    it will work either way round but if you have 2 x 120mm pulling air in and the rad pulling air in with the 200mm on top exhausting then

    it gives you positive air pressure

    my case is similar--2 x 1200mm front blowing in--2 x 120mm side blowing in --rad at back with 2 x 120mm on push pull blowing air in

    and 200mm top exhausting it

    with a 2600k at 5ghz i get really good temps doing it that way

    after 10 minutes of 80% cpu load at 5ghz heres the temps
  4. Well that's good that i'm able to have the Rad hoses facing the top of the case..It will look much better some people think looks isn't important but i look a good looking rig..So ill be taking the cooler air from the outside but i wont be using there aluminum spacers..The way they have it were there taking the cold air from the outside they have the fan on the inside of the case also..What ill do is place the rad right to the back of the case this way the rad wont stick out so much and i'll place the fan on the outside of my case..i also have a nice fan guard to protect the fan some what. So i have 3 fans feeding the case & a 200 mm fan taking any warmer air out the top Anyway thanks for the input man theres no doubt youll get my choice for the gold ribbon..
  5. Where did you purchase this? I'm looking to buy it.
  6. ISleepTheDayAway said:
    Where did you purchase this? I'm looking to buy it.
    .....I bought mine from but also has them if your from the USA then like the intel cpu cooler over the rest because its silent and there no software nothing to baby sit, the fan speeds up when the load on the cpu increases..
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    Alright thanks, I was looking for it and couldn't find it before.
  8. If your looking to get it a bit cheaper then anywhere else try e-bay they also sell them...
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