PC Won't Wake From Sleep Mode and Multiple Bios Posts

Hi, I just did my third build and everything is working good other than a few issues. The main issue is that when I try waking my pc from sleep mode with my mouse the power light slowly dims to off. I have to press power twice after that, the first time the light comes on but then goes off and no response from my monitor. It then seems to boot up, but normally goes into "resuming windows."

I've turned off hybrid sleep, but other than that I'm not sure what I can do, I would like to keep my pc on at all times but not if it continues to have these issues.

Also a lesser problem is that the bios option shows up three times upon booting up the pc. At first I thought this to be normal but upon further investigation realize this may be an issue. Below are my computer specs.

Mobo - Asus Sabertooth P67

Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16gb

CPU - Core i7 2600k

Video Card - EVGA Nvidia 560ti

PSU - Corsair 750w

OS SSD - Samsung 830 128gb
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  1. Windows 7?, go to Power Saving Settings and modify power plan
  2. Yes, forgot to say that, it is Windows 7.
  3. I've messed with the power settings a little already. I was running windows 7 before my build and if it went to sleep I would just have to click my mouse and it would wake up. If the best solution is just to turn sleep off then I can do that, but I'm worried that this is a larger problem than just turning it off.
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