Right click "Maximize/minimize" gone?

Hey guys, this whole thang about Win7 changing of the right click options is killing me. I've checked through several pages to see if anybody had the same annoyance that I have, but I didn't see anythang.

Does anybody know how to change the right click options? Example, If I have Internet Explorer open and I'm at and I open up several links in a new windows, when I right click it says close, pin/unpin, and a couple of other useless options. Has anybody figured out a way to get the maximize/minimize options back?

I use IE and FF and IE never opens up in full browser mode except in the initial launch bcuz I changed the properties, but opening up in new links are always in the small windows. Any help is appreciated.
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    I also find this extremely frustrating and annoying. I know of no easy work around other than shift + right click, but that is not very convenient I know. Sorry, I cant be of any more help, but I thought I'd atleast let you know about that.

    P.S. Its not even that they were saving space as if i right click on an icon i get like 10 different files under "Recent".
  2. Actually I didn't know about the shift+right click. It is a lil better. Thanx
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