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Hey all, I am building a new PC and was wondering if the components I have are good or could be replaced with something a little better. This would be my second build and thought some input would be good (did first build myself but would like some input this time around). These are the components I was thinking about getting:

GPU: MSI GTX 570 (My case can only fit a maximum length of about 10.5" for the GPU)
MOBO: ASROCK Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3
CPU: Intel I5-2500k
PSU: Corsair HX850
RAM: GSkill Sniper Series 8GB
CPU Cooler: Cool Master Hyper 212 Plus (Does the fan work on an LGA 1155? I'm a little confused from what newegg and the product page says.)

I am really not looking to spend more than $850-900 give or take some. I already have a hard drive that I will be using as well as a case. Also, I would probably be OC this at some point (reason for the after market cooler). This rig would be used for gaming. I also may or may not CF at somepoint, would not be now though.
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  1. You might want to remove http://www.&.com/#034; from your link.

    Anyway, I would drop the RAM down to 1600 MHz. You won't see a difference. Drop to the $10 less G.Skill Sniper 1.25v RAM.

    Since you have both HDD and Case, you should be able to fit an SSD into your budget. The Crucial M4 128GB SSD is about $180.

    Totals about $782.

    If you really want, you can upgrade the GPU to the 7950, assuming you don't need a monitor either.

    If you do need a monitor, try this:

    With the 7950 and SSD, total is about $920. With the Monitor and SSD, total is about the same.
  2. Given that you are facing space constraints for you GPU, I would lend some concern to the CPU Cooler you have selected. It will work with your Mobo and CPU, however, it is quite large. Depending on your case you may have an issue fitting it inside. Can you provide a link to your current case or give the dimensions?

    Most parts look fine. Unless you are planning to SLI in the future then you could get a smaller power supply. As the poster above stated, you can drop your memory to 1600 and save a few bucks without a noticable difference in performance.
  3. Azeem40, ill have to think about the SSD but thanks for that. I assume I would have to install the OS onto the SSD but my OS is already on the HDD and I found somewhere that I could move my hard drive from one computer to another assuming i do some stuff to it (if that doesnt work i will get the SSD and do a clean install then). I dont need a monitor but I will consider the 7950. Do you know if that is smaller length wise?

    Crush3d, the problem is just the length really, I have a full tower case but where my hard drive area is located blocks space where the rest of the GPU would go and that area is not movable (if that makes any sense). I do believe I plan to SLI in the future though I'm not 100% sure at this time.
  4. You could just take out the GPU when removing the Hard Drive from the bay.
  5. The Hard Drive Bay is the Problem its set up so that the bay is permanent. The Hard Drive faces out towards the side will the sides where you would attach the hard drives to are on the side.

    This is the Case:
    (Sorry didnt see the comment about linking the case before.)
  6. There is only one thing I don't think was wise of the case to have. Top mounted power supplies get heated easily due to hot air rising.
  7. Azeem40 as far as pricing is concerned you said it would be about 782 but I believe you forgot to add the PSU as well which would have me 932 w/out the SSD.
    As far as the case goes, that is being taken from an old build and I honestly dont want to change the case right now. But will think about it.
  8. I did add the PSU. It was included in the $782 total.
  9. Hmm, im not seeing how you got 782, sorry :( I want to see it because that would be amazing haha
  10. I know what I did wrong. I added wrong. It is $825 with the 1.25v RAM and 750W Antec Earthwatts PSU I suggested.
  11. Okay, well my primary concern relates to the width of your case, particularly since you linked it. My case is 8.4" wide and has a slight bit of space left over, the link provided lists yours as 8.07". Keep that in mind.
  12. Ah ok, thanks for the clear up azeem. I didnt see the PSU you suggested, would that PSU be able to SLI if I decided to in the future? I see that it says the the PSU can SLI but will it be able to SLI two GTX 570s?

    Crush3d, thanks for letting me know, i didnt think about that honestly, will keep that in mind before buying my parts

    (by the way thanks for the help)
  13. It can even SLI two 580s, so yes. :)
  14. Ah great then I will most likely go with that PSU though I will do a little more research on PSUs, but thanks for the help :D
  15. Yeah, PSUs are one of the most complicated components to understand.

    Do note that although it can handle 2 580s, it will be cutting it close. :P
  16. In my previous Gateway computer, I had to hammer the side panel out to make a room for Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. The problem is that it's hard to calculate the clearance solely from the dimension provided on the spec sheet from both the case and cooler. Even Cooler Master customer service couldn't answer to my inquiry clearly.

    The best way to figure out if the cooler will fit into your build is to ask on a few forums whether anyone has experience installing the cooler into the same case. My current system is Antec 300, whose printed spec width is 8.10", and it has a good clearance with the cooler, and seems 8.4" is adequate, but I don't know about the elevation inside the case, so not sure.

    Video card clearance can be a big problem, even when you can resolve the issue of HDD cage, depending on the SATA connector locations. Read some people complaining big video cards keep them from connecting SATA ports. With EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448 Classified, whose PCB is the same as GTX 470, I experienced this myself, although managed to connect two SATA ports right below the card eventually.
  17. Thanks MKBL, thats why I decided to go with the MSI GTX 570, its shorter and I know I wont have a problem with connecting my HDD, but I will look again to make sure before I go ahead and buy everything. The after stock fan i have in there now is 136.5mm and I have about 2 inches to work with from that.

    Thanks again Azeem40
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