Urgent! PC keeps restarting, No signal from Monitor.

My pc keeps restarting 5 seconds after turning on. I've tried taking out all RAM and putting back in one-by-one. I tried unplugging all power cords and putting back. I've tried taking out graphics card. I've tried taking out hard drive then putting back in. But it still keeps restarting in a loop. It is so frustrating. I even checked all screws and checking if I have too many mobo standoffs.

My Specs:
intel core i7 2700k
msi z77a-g45 mobo
EVGA gtx 560 ti
antec 650w 80 plus bronze psu
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
Hyper 212+ Cpu cooler
Nzxt Phantom 410
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  1. Does the windows start screen appear? Have you tried safe mode?
  2. No it doesnt even reach the BIOS screen.
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