Eyefinity - do I need a converter?

I have a Ati 6790, and I would really love to connect three monitors, but I can only make two of them work. All of the moniters have a HDMI connection, and they are connected to a DVI, a HDMI and a mini DP port. The mini DP is connected to the monitor with a cable; no converter. So do I really need a converter to make the third monitor work, or should a cable be enough?
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  1. Yes you need an ACTIVE adaptor, a powered active adaptor if your resolution is greater than 1920x1080 (per monitor). The AMD website has a list of validated adaptors but you are by no means constrained to what is listed there. A cable alone is not sufficient as you need a third clock and DAC to generate the signals for the third screen.
  2. Ok. Thanks
  3. no problem. Good luck with the build.
  4. Wait what? You have one on HDMI, one on DVI, and one on Display port???

    You don't need an active adapter.... As long as you are using one of each.... you are fine. The problem is that DVI and HDMI work on the same "street"... and the "street" only has two "lanes". So the DVI takes up one lane and the HDMI takes up the other.... Now you will need to use one on the DP.... that allows for 3 displays.

    You only need an adapter if your Monitor doesn't have a display port connection.
  5. @Ninja Pants - I used a PASSIVE adapter from Sapphire for $25... never had an issue.
  6. The HDMI is always paired to one of the DVI outputs so you can only use either or. You have to use the DP regardless which requires an adaptor for the third signal generation unless you have a monitor with DP integrated port, clock + DAC such as the apple monitors. I do not know how you managed to get it to work with a passive adaptor. By passive it does not have to be powered, they can look identical, and $25 would be the right price, are you sure it is passive?
  7. Huh... thought mine was passive because it didn't require a separate power source... and it wasn't $100.... lol.. but I just saw it on Newegg and it showed it as active... huh... so what powers it? either way... i must be mistaken

    I thought he said he used DVI, HDMI, and a mini-DP... figuring his monitor had a DP connection... I misunderstood.

    Damn you Ninja Pants and your Ninja cunning :)
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