Is my PSU too weak?

First of all sorry for posting two threads but I feel like my previous one of worded poorly.

After putting in my new GTX560 I'm receiving a "nvlddmkm display driver has crashed and recovered." error when gaming.

I've ruled out quite a few issues and this issue doesn't happen on my previous card, the 9800GT.

Now I'm trying to rule out if my PSU as the culprit.

So can this PSU run a GTX560? Could this be the cause of my crashing? (the max wattage is 585 its hard to see in the picture)

Computer spec's are
A15G v1
Athlon 64 x2 6000+
Windows vista 64-bit

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  1. Should be fine.
  2. So if my 9800gt works perfectly on my computer but my GTX560 causes my nvlddmkm driver to crash and my PSU is powerful enough for both cards, is my GTX560 a faulty card or could there be something else causing this?
  3. Did you remove the old drivers and try different driver versions for the 560 ?

    I did read some bad reviews btw for that psu bit still, theoraticly it should be powerfull enough.

    Found this about the nvlddmkm btw ;
  4. I have removed old drivers and even used driver removing software and have tried many different driver versions.

    I have also tried many online solutions to the nvlddmkm but I will read up on what you linked and post my results.

  5. Can you try the 560 in a pc from a friend or something ?
  6. Yeah I will definitely try that
  7. If we assume that the 560 does work on my friends computer, and none of the nvlddmkm solutions work for my computer, should I assume the issue is the power supply?

    Hmm..maybe I could find a friend to borrow their power supply if their willing, lol.
  8. Actually it would be best if it doesn't work at the other pc to, than you've got the simpelest solution ; faulty card.

    If it's working fine there the problem is def. more complicated. Trying the friends psu on your system would be a good next step then.
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