Intel Core i5-3550 normal temps?

I'm using core temp to show my temp readings for each core. I'd say they show and average for 45C. Is this normal for this CPU? This is my first custom build and I can't find any average temps for this CPU.
Stock HSF
Core Temp:at average use: 39-50C(temps always jump around even at idle)

So, is this normal or should I reset the heat sink and fan and apply new thermal paste or just buy an aftermarket heat sink and fan?
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  1. Perfectly fine.
  2. Thanks for the input. If anyone else has anything to say, please do so. I'm new to computer hardware and what is normal. Would it hurt to buy something aftermarket to make it run cooler? It should run more efficiently cooler, right?
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    It's fine.

    Stock heatsinks will idle low 40s and top out in the 60s. As long as you're not hitting anywhere above 90C then you're fine. Preferably try to keep it under 70.
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