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Looking for another 6870 to crossfire. Sapphire, XFX, or HIS?

I currently have an xfx reference design 6870 and am looking to crossfire with it, i have a 750w ocz zs series psu, and my motherboard is an as rock 890gxpro3 one x16 and one x4 lane (but from my research the x4 lane won't effect my performance too much and a crossfire configuration with these cards is still worth it), my processor is a phenom ii x4 3.2 ghz, my current monitor is 1440x900 resolution but i am switching to a 1920x1080 for christmas, i will mostly be playing tesv:skyrim on my computer, occasionally some battlefield 3, and maybe a few other games eventually

The 3 cards I am considering are:

Sapphire -


I provided both the newegg and amazon links to these cards, newegg makes looking at these things much easier, but i will probably purchase from amazon because i have a gift card.

In addition to wondering which card i should get i also must ask is this even worth it? should i just stick with one 6870 for what i am doing?
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  1. also is the power color version of this card any good?
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    The Sapphire is arguably the better of the four listed. Powercolor is best price wise but its QA has been questionable (higher percentage of DOA's). To be honest the HIS and Powercolor are basically identical. Personal choice really, there's not allot in it, and given that your constrained to the lowest clock in CF the better cooling and OCing ability of the Sapphire & HIS are irrelevant if your other card is reference XFX.

    And is it worth it? You will get a significant increase in FPS for gaming, better performance than a GTX580 or 6970 (single monitor only), so bang for your buck its certainly a worthwhile upgrade.

    Hope that helps.
  3. PowerColor: - $159.99, free shipping, $20 MIR, and Dirt 3 (if you care)

    When buying video cards from newegg, I look for the cheapest card that doesn't have bad ratings. They'll refund your money and pay for shipping (if you ask for a return label).
  4. So i appreciate the answers but I'm still kind of debating, the sapphire and his seem reliable, the power color seems like a good deal but idk how reliable they are, and the xfx does have a lifetime warranty, although i have heard it runs hot
  5. Will you be OCing? If yes, get the Sapphire, if no any of them will be fine. Something drew you to the XFX to begin with, lifetime warranty, its not a bad decision.
  6. probably not, so i think its either the xfx or the power color, i have heard bad things about the heat with xfx, but don't know if i want power color (no reason to get iceq x if i can't match that speed with my xfx). Ill either just suck it up and get the xfx or take a chance with the power color. Thanks for your help.
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