Ordered an Intel Core i7-2600 ment to get K! Need advice please!

Made my order today over at newegg.com and just noticed I ordered a Intel Core i7-2600 instead of the Intel Core i7-2600K which I wanted. My fault for trying to order while working I guess. My question is should I RMA it and get the right one or just roll with the 2600? Computer will be mainly used for gaming and web browsing. The i7 is overkill already but.. Never done a RMA with newegg so don’t know if its worth the hassle.
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  1. Are you planning on overclocking?
  2. Newegg is pretty good with returns AFAIK.
  3. quicksand10 said:
    Are you planning on overclocking?

    No a huge deal to me as long as it plays the games I have. (currently playing SWTOR) and games that come out in the next 3-4 years
  4. In that case, save yourself ~25$ and stay with the i7-2600... The only reason you want a i7-2600k is if you want to overclock it easier.

    As a matter of fact, the i5-2500 could have done the trick for you, as no games currently use hyperthreading.
    If you decide on RMAing, consider that option. :)
  5. RMA it. In one year you will want to Overclock it to run newer games...
  6. cybneo, I'm not even sure that the newer games will even use hyperthreading...

    Besides, in one year, I'm pretty sure SWTOR will still be taking up his time :)
  7. I suggest you get the i5 2500k and buy the h60 water cooler $60 almost same performance
  8. Your best shot at returning it is if it is unopened, btw. If it is opened, you are kinda SOL.
  9. If they havent shipped yet... Call them .... and change the order if you wish
  10. they will take it back no questions asked. i bought the wrong ram, told them that and i have replacement ram within 3 days no cost to me.
  11. Quote:
    there ya go..
    next time start a thread before you build and we'll try and eliminate all possible foreseen issues..

    Thanks for all the replies! Still not sure what I'm going to do. I did post my build on the forums a few weeks back it was just a mis-click on my part. If I decide to wait, it's going to be VERY hard!!
  12. You think in this way. Since no current games will support HT and it costs you more, maybe you just stick to the one without K. I know that all this time you want K processor and you will feel uncomfortable and no peaceful just return it for the one you want. Technology is hard to catch up with the latest trend, in few months time, the IB will be onboard and do you want to get it? Stick to what really serve you good at the moment. As for myself, I still stick with my E8400 and Phenom II 955 and not a serious gamer so everything still fine with the office works. If you go for advance gaming such as Crysis or COD games what I do will upgrade the GPU. My target lies on the IB this coming April and that will my new future built.
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