Intel i3-330m vs. phenom ii x4 n930

I am buying a used laptop and both have rather similar specs (4gb ram, hd 5650 gpu)

However one is an acer aspire 5552g and it has a phenom ii x4 n930 quad core cpu @ 2.0ghz

The other is a gateway nv59 laptop and it has an intel i3-330m dual core cpu

I will be using this for gaming, the gateway is about $30 cheaper but i wanted to know if there would be a gaming performance hit when choosong the dual core over the quad core, and also the gateway has a 120gb ssd and the acer has a 500gb hdd

In advance
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  1. Here is the best side I know of to look up laptop CPU's and GPU's
    Looks like there is not much between them in performance.
  2. Okay so if the performance is very close then what is a better brand,
    Gateway or acer? I like the look of gateway better because imo it doesnt look as cheap as acers products but i really dont know what is a better brand
  3. Bump

    Anyone else want to share their experiences with acer or gateway? It would be very appreciated :)
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