ATI Radeon HD 6770 and MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 mobo

so I am loooking to buy this card

so the question is can i put that card on my mobo? Oh yea i know my mobo sucks but i wanna save money as much as possible.

so if this GPU is not gonna work on my mobo whats the best GPU can I put on it? thanks people.
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  1. First of all, never buy anything from Best Buy in terms of computer parts. They are usually overpriced since they do not sell enough of them to lower the price.

    What is the model and output of your power supply? It would be nice to know if the power supply would be able to handle the card at least.

    To answer the original question, the card would fit on the motherboard nicely.

    Here are a few cheaper 6770's
  2. Is the mobo pci-e version 1.0 or 1.1 ?
  3. Well i could buy a power supply if a problem persists. I also noticed that on those links you gave I could buy a GPU + PSU for a good price. For the case uuuuuh its a standard case. I mean its not a small case or something like that. could you guys recommend a GPU that would not cst more than 200 bucks? and as for the mobo PCI-e version it is 1.0. Thanks for the quick reply dudez :D
  4. What sort of computer do you have?
  5. I only know pcie 2.1 cards can give problems on 1.0 mobo's but i don't know enough of specific mobo's to say it will or won't work, maybe someone else can.

    If you want to be completely safe maybe go for NVidia 2.0.

    Also what's the rest of your specs and the resolution you use. plus what do you wanne do with it, gaming ?
  6. i got
    CPU - Athlon II x4 640
    MOBO - MSI K9N6PGM2-V2
    RAM - 2gb ddr2
    GPU - 9800gt 512mb

    im not sure about the power supply though it came with the case and I think its like 500 or 550 watts and about the case uuuuuuh its just your average case its not small and its not big or anything but yea pls suggest the best GPU. I would buy a new case and PSU if needed. Thanks.
  7. Yes a decent GPU would be the 6770, it would be able to play most games today on rather high graphics.
  8. oh yea since im stuck with a 19" lcd monitor, my max res is 1280x1024.
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