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Just out of the blue my mouse started acting strange. When I click on something it won't "take", I have to click on it several times. Also, when I click on something, it sometimes will pull up something else. When I click on a pull down menu, it won't work the first time, I have to click it several times. Any ideas?
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  1. Have you tried a different mouse to eliminate the mouse itself being the issue?
  2. no, I don't have one, but maybe I can borrow someones. Thanks..
  3. sometimes the little microswitch under the button gets worn and doesnt work right because its lost its springiness

    usually the left button as it gets used more

    you can take the mouse apart and bend the copper spring thing back--but its very fiddly and not worth trying unless its a good

    mouse that makes it worth the bother of trying to fix

    had a couple of logitech g7 mice do this

    as suggested try another mouse--if a new mouse works then its probably the microswitch
  4. some times if a mobile phone is close to a mouse it can cause the cursor to jump randomly or even click randomly. The mouse I've got is a logitech mx400 but its happened with other mice aswell and the effects of interference are really high on laptop trackpads (Alps branded)
  5. Does anyone know how to get my notices emailed so I know there is an answer here?
  6. click on the {envolope icon} near the top right so that there's a little red {x} in it and you should get email alerts.
  7. I got the mouse to work by just kind of cleaning it off and using a mouse pad. Thank you so much for your help. I am going to try the envelope next. Thanks.
  8. Got the mail alerts also. Thanks you guys.
    Do you know where I would go to get help with my yahoo and firefox?
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