CPU overloaded?

Hey guys,

I was wondering why my cpu is using 91% / and how i can make my system more relaxed (sounds weird< -- iknow)

When im playing assassins creed, im using 91% of my cpu/ and when im playing mw3 im using 3%?! of my cpu.

How is this even possible?
My system spec's are :

i3 2120
6850 1gb
8gb ram
Intel Corporation DH61ZE motherboard
w7 64bit home premium
500W PSU cooler master

Im playing in 1920x1080 max settings

Thanks for ur help

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  1. Some games utilize more CPU than other games. For example, BF3 uses about 75% of my CPU on campaign and up to 90-95% on multiplayer.

    I wouldn't worry too much :lol: I remember MW3 didn't use much of my CPU either.
  2. Ok thanks,
    Now i feel safe :)
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