Prebuilt PC for Photoshop and Web Broswing <$430

My brother is poor and needs a computer.
He can't afford one, so I'm trying to research the cheapest decent PC I can get him so that he can:
1) Do some Photoshop work
2) Surf the web
3) Maybe play some older games

He currently has an old EMac that he does Photoshop on, so anything I can get him should be way better.
I was thinking of building him one, but he lives in a separate state and I'd have to pay to ship it to him (prolly around $70)
So I'm hoping to get him a Pre-Built PC that will satisfy his needs.

He has no PC Parts, so i need to get him everything.
I have a 1280 X 7xx Monitor I can ship him if need be.
I also have an old Nvidia 7600gt from 4-5 years ago I can use if it it makes sense (but for all i know current integrated gpus are better)
Any ideas? I know next to nothing about buying/building a super budget Photoshop PC.

Please help,

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  1. This a kit of parts for a decent enough computer that will do the job


    He would need a copy of Windows as well , or he could download a copy of Ubuntu Linux to use as for free . It comes with many installed programs including an image manipulation program thats at least as good as the home editions of photoshop .
    Some times you can install windows programs but thats not guaranteed .

    obviously he would have to assemble it himself
  2. here is a list of some pre built ones from newegg

    a pretty cool acer

    and a lenovo think center
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