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Microstuttering with SLI GTX 570s?

Hey guys, was wondering how much of a problem microstuttering is these days. I'm planning on running two EVGA GTX 570 HDs (2.5GB memory version) in SLI. With the microstuttering problem, it sometimes seems like I'd be better off going with a single EVGA 580 Classified to eliminate microstuttering altogether. I have heard from some people, however, that with improved drivers and the newer Nvidia cards, microstuttering isn't an issue anymore.

What I'd like to know is: Will I have microstuttering problems with two GTX 570s in SLI? If so, would I be better off overall with a single higher-end card?
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  1. You should have no issue whatsoever with 2 GTX 570's.
  2. I have never seen it least w/ a560's or above.......
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    nope, only lower end xfire or sli( below 6850 and 460) will give Microstuttering, gtx 570 will have no issues
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  5. Tom's did an article on microstuttering not too long ago.
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